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Browsed Number: 9735322018 | Location Code : 973 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New Jersey
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Individual Comments for 9735322018

Like the above messages, told me I requested something from them a year ago thinking I would say "oh maybe I did". I told them I already have long term care insurance and will file a report with the FCC as I am on the do not call list and I didn't appreciate this "cold call". I urge everyone else to do the same.

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anthony kunst
stop calling
These calls are what happen when you go on Social Security retirement - a***oles want to sell you insurance and try to scare you into buying
Some lame a** insurance company selling long term care insurance. They CLAIM that we sent in an inquiry. LIE!
I loved that message, you are awesome, i do same thing, more people need to!!
I am furious and have reached the end of my rope. These people have been calling routinely for several YEARS to market a scam. I do not have the option of not answering my telephone as I am the emergency contact for an elderly relative. What really angers me is that the EXCUSE-for-a-congress wrote loopholes so that everyone I do business with can pass on (sell) personal information for marketing purposes to anyone they consider "an associate."I want my phone number back. I want my address back. I want my privacy back. If I want to buy some scammed product, I'll go down to the local carnival and ask for some elxiir.In the meantime, I report all of these people to the Federal Trade Commission and when appropriate the FCC as well. I have drafted a privacy policy challenge and I've made up my mind I am sending it to my bank, my credit card company, my insurance company, my utility companies, and even my supermarket if I have to; STOP SELLING/SHARING MY INFO OR I'LL FIND A COMPETITOR WHO WILL.

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