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United States
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I bought a research paper some time back, so this makes since to me. They send me text and emails from time to time as well.

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I got two calls in 1 week from this number. The first time I did NOT pick up, the second time I did (thinking maybe it was somewhat important) and heard two "hellos". However, it took about 6 seconds for me to hear the first "hello". It appeared that they couldn't hear me. I did NOT hear a foreign accent, it was a typical American accent.I'm from NJ here and bought a research paper for a friend years ago because I was the first to have a credit card.
I've experience the same as the above prank calls from the 954-691-2826.  I say prank because noones answers when I pick up. I called the number back and I heard elevator music but no one on the phone.I guess that's how some people get their "kicks".  Tom's DNA idea sounds like a good idea which I will apply.Thanks.
Apparently it did not work I am still getting phone calls from this number. I used the idea of assigning it a code of DNA woks well. I call my provider AT&T and they stated the same thing can not block single number.
Here is what shows up in the system.  I think I'm going to contact the company that owns the line to tell them they are in violation of the federal no-call laws.Information for: (954) 691-2826Name County City State Zip More InfoFemale (No Name Given) Dade Miami FL 33179Phone Company InformationName and Location: US LEC OF FLORIDA,INC., LARate Center: POMPANOBCHPhone Switch Name:Phone Switch Type: CLEC
I've had this issue for about a month now from this number.  I'm an investigator, so I'm running a search now on the owner of phone number.  I'll post what I find.
I did what I said I was going to do. I made sure my number is still on the do not call list. This means that everytime this service bothers me now they are committing individual illegal acts. I also called Sprint. Their fraud department is now aware of this number that just tried to call me again! I cannot block individual numbers according to my provider. They can change my phone number at no charge when being harrassed, but that's not an option right now. The third thing I have done is actually put the offending phone number in the phones memory under the name DNA - DO NOT ANSWER. At least that way I can know and be reminded of what is going on and simply ignore the call. I can also assign a specific ring tone such as SILENCE so I won't even hear it ring!
Received second call from this number. This totally has to be some type of phishing scam. I'm logging in to the donotcall website just to make sure my number hasn't expired. Then I'm going to contact Sprint about blocking this number.
Donna Cain
I keep getting telephone calls from this number. No one answers when I pick up the call.

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