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937 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 937 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 937 Series

937-773-7170 Anonymous
2018-01-23 01:06:49
937-707-4492 Anonymous
2017-10-15 23:09:10
937-785-3000 me
2015-06-06 01:48:16
Spoofer, Spammer, and all around *ss*ole! Call me again and YOU will pay!
937-823-7313 Phil
I keep getting text messages from 36765 that tell me to call 18777076188. I made the mistake of entering my phone number in after a survey on YOUTUBE. I have replied STOP 4 times and they keep coming.
937-823-7313 Georgia
Received the message "You are one of the 1000 exclusive users selected to test & keep and Ipad3, go to http://ipad3tests.com and enter #### on 3rd page. Offer valid for 24hrs."  Ridiculous - definately a scam.
937-823-7313 Pam
I received the message on my cell phone, "To start your new year you have been chosen to test & keep an ipad3!  Go to http://ipad3tests.com and enter 3302 on 3rd page!  Valid for 24 hours, 1000 available."  3:14 pm 01/02/12. I went to the website indicated http://ipad3tests/com and entered the number on the third page as directed.I immediately received a confirmation to my cell phone for a subscription to myhoroscopeonline.com for $9.99 a month.  It indicated I could either text back HELP for help, or STOP to cance.  I texted immediately STOP.  The next thing I got was a text on my phone from Thequickandtasty subs.  "You are not subscribed to any services and will no longer receive any msg or charges for more info call 18777076188."  Immediately thereafter i received another text message: "Myhoroscopeonline: Welcome! $9.99 /mo. billed to cell, 3 facts/wk. Msg&data rates may apply.  Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. T&C: myhoroscopeonline.com."  I immediately texted STOP again.  Then I received "Myhoroscopeonline Alrts. U are now unsubscribed from this service and will no longer receive msgs. Msg&Data rates may apply.  Reply HELP 4 help or call 18777076188."   I am sure they already charged $9.99 to my account and will check in a bit.
937-823-7313 NC Scientist
This number sending text messages "Test & Keep the Ipad 3 for free with free shipping. Goto http://ipad3tests.com & enter 7122 on 3rd page. While supplies last, valid only 24 hours." Sounds like pure spam to me! Who are these guys and what is their scam?
937-823-4246 Mia
The number called me at work.
937-823-1714 Cristian
calls cell phone
937-823-1605 William Lee Reeder
I'm getting harassing text messages from this number!!!
937-817-4083 Brian
Any ideas who this might be?
937-817-4057 Robert E Delk
Keep getting a recording wanted me  to press one for an agent.  I hang up.  No idea who this is.
937-815-9649 Harrison
Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.
937-812-1692 Mr rose
He was calling about my computer company and that he as a part of a company called ammyy. Which is supposed to fix windows operation problems and help you remove viruses by running a unknown program and lettin him control your computer
937-804-0195 Tamar
They keep calling my work number.
937-799-3178 Annoyed
Car Warranty Scam - I press "1" to get a live operator just to waste their time, as they waste mine.  I give them a phony name, like "anna banana" and make and year model "jaguar 2012".  They get the picture quickly and hang up.  I've tried asking them to remove me, but they just hang up, so why not waste as much of their time as possible??
937-794-7745 swifty
called no message
937-790-4961 Rhonda
I got a text with the SAME request... from 856-942-0907... asking me to catch up on Ya-HOO msngr User-name is leahchickie6...  I said NO CAN DO... and have not heard back from them.  BETTER NOT either.
937-790-4961 Jeff Yarbrough
I also got an invitation to join someone one Yahoo messenger but their # was 828-649-6747 and the handle was samanthagirlie84.I said to see my facebook but they said they had no battery life.Could someone please send them a virus!!!
937-790-4961 Ron Brightwell
Definitely a scam, probably a virus
937-790-4961 michelle
I got a text just saying hiiii michelle.....I am just going to ignore it as I don't know anyone in Ohio!
937-790-4961 DC
I also received a text from the number asking to join them on Yahoo id samanthagirlie84. I replied asking them to not text me and got a response of "sorry i have no reception :("
937-790-4961 joleen
got a text from this number but they wouldn't tell me who they are, they told me to add them on yahoo IM the id.was  leahchikie6
937-790-4566 Rod
Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.
937-790-4565 Amanda
Called my mobile phone.
937-790-4563 Raymond
left no message on machine.
937-790-4257 Nora
I missed a call from this number.
937-790-4068 Thomas
Left nothing on the answering machine.
937-789-7838 brandon mycal heisle
the besttttttty
937-789-7069 Andrew
Repeated calls from this number.

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