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920 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 920 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 920 Series

920-412-1913 Anonymous
2018-09-17 19:14:30
Unknown, called but didn't leave a message. I've had scam calls from other 412 prefix, so I don't answer unknown numbers
920-243-7002 Crystal
2015-03-07 02:50:31
They also called me 4 times in a row I called back blocked BLOCKED - and got a song thing an then a. Lady anwsered an said I was tryin to reach Crystal. How they knew I called idk but it freaked me out. Tired of these stupid ppl calling
920-999-9928 Amanda
Any idea who could call from this phone number.
920-999-2929 TMM
I received a call from this number on 9.24.10. I do not know who it is? Does anyone know?
920-999-2929 CW
Received a call with a recorded foreign language
920-999-2928 BS
And it was a women. spook clear english.
920-999-2928 BS
I called back and they asked what I want. I'm like you called me, so i'm returning the call.  Then there like umm sire do you have any child in our school? I's like NO, I don't even have any kids. Then there like, well sire we have over 700 kids and 23 phones in the building maybe it was a student here trying to get a hold of there parents. And I'm like "click".
920-999-2928 I van
Yeah same here. A lot of other people say they heard a woman speaking either spanish or italian. I never heard this. Also I never give out my cell to anyone online, and i have no idea how they got it.
920-999-2928 Miranda Covert
I am only 14 and I decided to look up the number using Google,and I got the same call and I let it go to VM and they didn't leave a VM.I called back and it says that the number is not working.I have no idea how they got my number and I am getting sick and tired of them!
920-999-2928 Suzie
The same thing just happened to me on my Sprint cellphone...this stuff is so ignorant
920-999-2928 pigle
keep  calling and hanging  up  3 to  4  times  a  day
920-999-2928 smitty
Me too those spoke spanish
920-999-2928 dfssandiego
Do not answer number you do not reconize..............i just got a call..............and called them back.............guess what number disconnected.................
920-999-2928 Barb
I just got this call too on my cell from 920 - 999 - 2928 but they didnt leave a voicemail...
920-999-2928 Logan
They called my work number (a publicly traded firm on the NYSE) at 8:14PM EST... No v-mail was left
920-999-2928 Only answer people you know
It's random computer calls from telemarketers, the worst thing you can do is answer, cause then your num goes into a data base,... I have gotten several calls from different states, even though I have yet to give out this num,...it being my first cell phone...don't answer, don't call back, just delete it, only answer calls from people you know, not random numbers and you will keep it to a minimum....my understanding is if you answer you num goes into a data base that will I'm turn generate more calls of that nature,... If it goes to voice mail that does NOT happen....I never answer
920-999-2928 Ange
The message in Spanish says:  "Congratulations.  You have won 1000 dollars US.  Please press the number 1 to claim your prize."If you believe that, I have a bridge you can buy...
920-999-2928 skywalker
I got a call from this number to.  i answered it and there was a sound like a window being smashed, then a womans voice in spanish.
920-999-2928 Henry
I got same call from this number in spanish
920-999-2928 shadowone
I got a call from that number also and it was someone speaking spanish
920-999-2928 Answer Man
This number is a cell number originating in Saint Cloud WI.  The service is operated by Verizon North Inc. and is a IND. TELCO line.  Contact Verizon and register your complaint.
920-999-2928 tina
I just got a call from that number, didn't recognize the area code, and so I got online to check it out.  I called the number back, and it beeps (like the line is busy).  Then, I called right back, and a recording said that the number was no longer working/ or was disconnected.  When I say they just called, I mean....3 minutes didn't even pass before I called them back.
920-999-2928 steph
its one of those...you won a trip press 1 to except
920-999-2928 Tori
haha! I won a million dollars.  They must like me more.
920-999-2928 Jim Roberts
I got the same call but did not understand what it said as I speak no SpanishI also  have  two bridges to sell them one in California and one in New York    2  for one money   ha ha ha  Thanks for  the translation     Jim
920-999-2928 Angel72
Good one lol
920-999-2928 Ange
The message in Spanish says:  "Congratulations.  You have won 1000 dollars US.  Please press the number 1 to claim your prize."If you believe that, I have a bridge you can buy...
920-999-2928 Ahmed
I got the exact same thing...very strange.
920-999-2928 Darrin
I just got the same thing.
920-999-2928 midwestgirl
When I answered it was a Spanish speaking recording.

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