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Browsed Number: 9173989586 | Location Code : 917 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New York
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Individual Comments for 9173989586

917 398 9586
Thanks for the information...I missed the call(luckily) and will not call it! Thanks for your input!Mary in Vancouver Canada

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jack in Vancouver
call talking about Bay, Zellers, and Canadian Tire....winding up for a pitch of some kind...I hung up!!
Got a call from this number went to my voicemail and couldnt understand a thing it was so fuzzy but did hear someething about a vacation total scam i think.. and it shows up that its from NY,USA on my cell phone
Vacation scam. Recording says someone you know has entered your name at either a Walmart or Zellers and you've won a vacation, then press 1 to claim it.  Didn't press 1.  Weird thing, too.... the first time it called it rang and rang all the 10 times before my machine cuts it off. Rang again 10 minutes later (same # for sure).  It used to be telemarketers just hung up after 4 rings.  These guys are extra annoying!

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