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917 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 917 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 917 Series

917-423-3099 Rob
PCR 917-423-3051 it is Pioneer Credit recovery. They are handling my student loans. I try to call the number back but it is busy. Don't know why they would be calling I am on a payment plan with them.
917-423-3099 Mike Young
These people are very relentless.  They try to remind me that they are recording my indignation.  I tell them that I am recording as well.  Then they threaten to call up my local cops and report ME!!!! for harrassing THEM~~~~!!!!  What a laugh!  I tell them to send the SWAT team and the Marines.  I am sitting right here in my bathrobe and ready to rock 'n roll!  These people are slimesuckers, bottom feeders.  They have the personality of pit bulls on steriods.  If they actually believe that I owe them money, they can go down to the courthouse and file a complaint!!!!  Telephone harrassment is against the law, but no one enforces that law against the big corporations.  I owe them nothing.  They even have my name wrong.  I have had this phone number in my name for 24 years!!!!
917-423-3099 JQ
This has been going on for over a year and they are after a Denoba Quick, is there away to report this company?  They are using a automated call service that is set to call every other day.   Help  3/17/2010
917-423-3099 jps
They called over and over with no message. When they finally did it was some bogus line about a reference check. Turns out they were after one of my family members for a past due bill. I believe their real name is Pioneer Credit Recovery.
917-423-3099 lyz
they call at least 20 times a day and I am getting tired of them calling.
917-423-3099 s
They just called me as well. this company should be shut down
917-423-3099 s
They just called me as well. this company should be shut down
917-423-3099 M
I think they are a collection agency as mentioned above. The were trying to reach my niece, but would not leave any detailed information.
917-423-3099 D
They keep calling me at all hours, but never leave a message.. When I called back, they weren't even looking for me, however, they still keep calling!
917-423-3099 shell
they keep calling me!!! uugghhh its getting ridiculous
917-423-3099 Credit monger
Sue them if they continue calling you. Read the FDCPA.
917-423-3099 Kirsti
I called 917-423-3099 back - the name of the company is Pioneer Credit Recovery.  They were looking for a person that used to have my phone number.  I'm guessing they are a debt collector.
917-423-3099 B
I get this too. I never answer it. They keep calling almost everyday now.
917-423-3099 K
917-423-3099 Kay
917-423-3099 Kay
This number keeps calling me.
917-423-3098 D
No Message
917-423-3097 dyus
who is this?
917-423-3097 Not Alu
Every since I got my cell phone, I have been receiving calls for someone named Alu Ahluwal...(not sure how it's spelled).  Apparently my cell phone company recycled Alu's number and my minutes are being used up by daily calls.  The messages claim they're from New York State Education so I'm guessing Alu skipped on their student loan.   I created a message on my voice mail instructing anyone looking for Alu to stop calling because they had the wrong number.  But they ignored that.  So now I enter any phone # looking for Alu into my blocked calls list so I know not to answer.  This number 917-423-3097 is the latest incarnation of Alu seekers.
917-423-3097 No Way
They call at all hours. Some days more than once. Sometimes a woman sometimes a man. They keep asking for my social security number. When I ask them to identify themselves i get "We are unable to give you any information until you verify your social security number." I told them "Until you tell me who you are and why you are calling you will get no info from me. By the way this sounds like attempted identity theft." One man replied that I should be more worried with how he got my social to begin with. It just doesn't seem right.
917-423-3097 Kelly
Pioneer is a company that buys student loans. They called my father to get ahold of me and told him also that I had applied for credit.....which I guess in essence I had years ago when I started my student loan. I will say that even though they are attempting to collect on the account they have been extremely helpful. They are trying to get my loan out of default so I can lower my interest rate and take care of the loan! I have been grateful they called me.
917-423-3097 cat
just got a call from them, asking for someone with an odd first name and my surname.  i'm guessing they were hoping i said "well, my last name is x, but there's no one with that first name" so the door would be open for them to phish... instead i just said, "sorry there's no one here by that name."
917-423-3097 glassfish
Got a call at my home from this number stating that a member of my family applied for credit.  No one had applied for credit. The caller was attempting to get me to give her information on that family member as to addresses and current phone numbers.  The call was at 8:45 am.  She called back 5 minutes later after I did not give her the information that she wanted, "phishing" for more info.
917-423-3097 b
stayed on hold this time, it's Pioneer Credit.
917-423-3097 b
called my cell every hour since 8am today!!!  When I call it I get put on hold and told "will be monitored for quality assurance".  Betting it's a collections.
917-423-3096 Ryan Daniels
They are leaving auto and live messages.
917-423-3096 frankg30
no longer pick up from this number  they keep calling for last person that had my number
917-423-3096 Rafael
they keep calling
917-423-3096 just me
Pioneer Recovery probably for student loans
917-423-3096 fred mez

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