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Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 888 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 888 Series

888-850-1518 Anonymous
2018-08-17 19:22:16
This is a company trying to collect on ancient debts that have for the most part been written off and are way past the limitation for anyone in Canada or the US to collect legally. They could be breaking the law to try and collect on debts that have been written off. They are parasites, The rule of thumb: DON'T TALK TO THEM ABOUT ANYTHING AND NEVER RETURN THEIR CALLS. Better still enter their number(s) in "Calls Blacklist" or "Mr Number" ,These are apps you can download to block certain numbers or people from calling you on your phone. They work great. They cannot place these debts in any credit reporting agency and if they try do so you can sue them. Don't worry about them, they will eventually go away and try to find some other sucker to believe their lies and B.S. There are Statutes of Limitation in Canada and the US where the creditor is allowed to collect on bad debts. Beyond that there is nothing they can do. The Statute of Limitations basically allows the debtor to get a fresh start without having to go bankrupt. By the way, there have been many debt collection agencies that have gone bankrupt and stuck others with their bills.
888-293-4134 Anonymous
2017-11-09 19:55:45
I received a yellow card in the mail and it stated it was from motor vehicle service information has recorded I get the number has a notification date expiration date and the toll-free number is +1-888-293-4134 and up in the top left-hand corner it was sent by a company called EGIS located at 4632 s. St Peters Parkway St Charles, Missouri 63304 and it's a pre-sorted first class u.s. postage paid card and on the back again has it saying second attempt to contact motor vehicle service notification our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle protected protection activated this notice is to inform you that your 2016 Nissan Sentra is a need a vehicle protection in order to ensure its continued safe operations please call us at the number I already gave you by neglecting to activate your protection program you will be responsible for paying all repairs out of pocket and when I call that 888 number it says it was out of service so I suggest you receive anything in the mail without phone number discard it and throw it away I've called that company it was a different number and that was also the activated the company are referring to was top left-hand corner of this yellow card I received in the mail EG is at the address that I already supplied hope this helps to anyone else that might receive one of these yellow cards. Have a Happy Thanksgiving a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
888-288-1683 Anonymous
2017-10-26 18:21:07
Call all the time!
888-294-5658 Anonymous
2017-10-19 20:43:08
This is a fax number (888-294-5658) for Bank of America loss mitigation fax I have called BOA to get it to stop and it does for 3 or 4 days then starts up again. The number they are calling is my office # this is absolutely ridicules!! Please, Please someone help me get this to stop! This last time I called them they told me to fax it telling them they need to stop faxing my number ERRRRR JERKS
888-290-0560 DonaldCit
2015-06-04 05:44:41
I could not resist commenting. Well written! my blog -
888-221-5155 Bill
2015-05-02 03:07:11
They are legit, i used to work for them, however the way they go about collecting is very unethical. Most Go wireless contracts have an early termination fee if you cancel in the first 6 months, however if you return the device the charge is waived. Diamond wireless is the same but does not accept returns after the first two weeks. You can't use attorney's to argue the validity of the debt however you can use them to file harassment charges and other rules and regulations violations when it comes to collecting a debt.
888-225-1655 Smo
2015-02-12 01:38:15
Called me to get payment for overdue college books, claimed to be a law firm.
888-225-4399 deb
Wanted a call back
888-225-4398 Again?
Automated Caller id'd the company as DJO - I am in the heatlhcare field, and this is "Don Joy Orthopedics", a DME maker of othropedic and orthodic devices. (DME means Durable Medical Goods) I was given a brace by my MD for a knee injury and this device made it worse.  My Insurance paid their portion, but I have to think they were looking for my share.  I have their invoice and I will pay them when I get paid in a week.
888-225-4398 M
UPDATE:I called the DJO phone number from their website, and the new customer service representative said that it is their billing phone number.When I called 1-888-225-4398, they said what my balance was and matched what was sent to me independently by my insurance provider.It is just a billing center for DJO and is not a scam.
888-225-4398 Theresa
I just received a voice mail as well from DJO so i googled the number and found this site. I also recieved a boot a few months ago. It was covered under my insurance and I haven't recieved any other coorespondence so i would say, yep this is a scam.
888-225-4398 M
I called a few numbers from the company's website below:http://www.djoglobal.com/index.asp/fuseaction/contact.mainI gave them the 6 digit number given to me by the automated voicemail from 1-888-225-4398, but the representative said that no accounts start with the numbers I gave, and that number does not belong to DJ Orthopedics.Note that this number is neither listed on the website nor any "888" number.  I did call 1-888-225-4398 and gave them a jumbled version of the 6 digit number. The representative said that he did not have that number.  When I said that I could call back, he miraculously had my account open and told me that everything is good now...but then he needed my name.  I did not give him any information besides the account number, and I called from a different phone number, which is a public line.I told him that I had to go to something important, but he kept requesting that I stay on the line.This sounds like a scam.  If I find anything else, I'll give an update.
888-225-4398 Brent
email contact is tim.dumler (at) payforhealth.com
888-225-4398 Brent
No call...yet.  I found this forum by googling the 888 number on today's bill.The bill I received today is for a rocker cast that my son received back in early 2006!  We've been to see the doctor since that time and never once been told that we missed paying for anything.  I smell a scam.Whois payforhealth.comDomain Name: payforhealth.comStatus: clientDeleteProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibitedRegistrar: INTERCOSMOS MEDIA GROUP, INC. D/B/A DIRECTNIC.COMWhois Server: whois.directnic.comReferral URL: http://www.directnic.comExpiration Date: 2009-03-26Creation Date: 2006-03-26Last Update Date: 2008-01-03Registrant:AircraftClubs.comP.O. Box 117Larkspur, CO 80118US303-898-4365Domain Name: PAYFORHEALTH.COMAdministrative Contact:Dumler, TimP.O. Box 117Larkspur, CO 80118US303-898-4365Technical Contact:Dumler, TimP.O. Box 117Larkspur, CO 80118US303-898-4365
888-225-4398 Tim
Jessica, glad you are feeling better. It was nice to hear. Lets keep in touch.
888-225-4398 Jessica
I had fractured my heel bone for the 3rd time back in January and I was given an air cast boot thing that did not help me.  It only made my foot hurt more and the air pump even broke after only 2 weeks.  I stopped wearing it and started to "nurse" it back to health myself and it is doing fine now.  I don't know why they called me and I hope they dont again it is really annoying.
888-225-4398 L.
clarification on the caller I.D.It was just a phone number plus "unknown name"If it is a legitimate business why no name?
888-225-4398 L.
Anna,Was your situation with DJO ever resolved? I'm getting now daily phone calls from this number.L.
888-225-4398 Anna
I got a call from this number today. The robot call was unclear about the company name, and I thought it was BJO, but DJO is probably correct. When I returned the call, an operator with a nearly unintelligible accent answered. They wanted my address and date of birth (without giving me any substantive information to make me think they weren't a scam), and I refused. The operator said they'd be mailing me a bill, so we'll see.I haven't had orthopedic work done lately (the most recent was a whole year ago), so I'm not sure what they could legitimately bill me for. I'm guessing scam.
888-225-4398 Ronnie
Got a similar call today from DJO.  Couldn't pronounce my name correctly.  Sounded mumbled as did their name.  After listening to it for 3 times I figured out they were saying DJO.  My guess is that it is a scam too otherwise the voice over would be more authentic.  A search for DJO on the internet found nothing similar to what they were representing. There were no previously mailed invoices either.
888-225-4398 Tom
A followup to my prior post. It seems that my orthopedist participates in a "stock and bill" program with DJO. A wrist brace provided to me that I thought was "gratis" from the orthopedist was apparently invoiced back to DJO who subsequently billed me. The intent was for DJO to bill my insurance company, but according to the insurance company, DJO sent them no bill. So I guess they are legit.
888-225-4398 Tom
I picked up some legitimate orthotics at a local company about 6 weeks ago. About three weeks ago, I received a form letter in the mail telling me I owed a place called DJO  $9.68 for the purchase of orthotics through them.At the time, I thought it might be a scam, so I just filed the mail message. Today I got an automated call from DJO at my work number asking me to contact the 1-888-225-4398 number. I followed up with the local place I bought the orthotics from and they assured me I owed them nothing and hadn't heard of DJO.I'm sure this place is a scam.
888-225-4398 Jatch
You are correct it was DJO.  I had thought they said PJO.  It was about a boot that my wife had received.  They wanted her birth date and she old them she was sorry but since she did not know who they were she would not provide that information and that she had a message that said to call this number back.  The caller heavily accented said that he was calling to tell her that her bill had been paid in full.
888-225-4398 Dan
Earlier this evening, we got a call from this number.I thought the message said EJO, but Don's comment re: DJO is probably correct, since my wife also recentlyreceived a brace paid for by insurance.  We haven't returned the Robo-call.
888-225-4398 Es
My son got a robo-call from this number, which I happened to answer.  He had a wrist support from this company, and in fact, today we had sent a check to them for the balance owed (about $8).Are you saying I should look forward to being dunned with robo-calls about this?  I really don't want my son to have to return this call, which almost sounds like a scam to me, too.My husband's take on this matter is to freak out at our son for having blithely accepted the wrist support (from the doctor's office, which is part of the University of Colorado Medical Center system) in the first place (he's 18, and was at the appointment by himself).  But how could our son have known - if it had been me, I would've accepted the wrist support, too.  Besides the fact that it cost at least five times what it would cost at a Walgreens, I am not getting a good feeling about this company.So.  In the middle of typing this I called our dr. office and the girl who took my call said she was going to call the DJO rep. (She had actually had the SAME thing happen to her, with her son, with this company.  ACK.)
888-225-4398 Still Scamming people
I received a TENS unit from my local hospital physical therapy dept.  They stated it was covered under Medicare and my 100% coverage supplemental, if I needed/wanted to keep it.  Otherwise, it would be a rental for the first 30 days.  I returned it, in the DJO supplied packaging !   Well within the 30 days and over 60 days before I suddenly got a 'bill' from them. . . . .  Both insurances had paid.  I sent a cert/return receipt letter rejecting their demand as false, and demanded validation of the 'debt' in writing.  Also pointed out I found NO business license for them in Idaho on the state site.The phone harassment began today.  NO mail response.  FTC is the next response to them . . . .DJO waits long enough for your memory and ability to dispute is dwindling regarding to situation.DJO   collection companySearch of Washington State business Lic shows they  (PATIENT ACCOUNTING SERVICE CENTER LLC (DBA) )  are out of Texas !Manager    PEFFER , J MICHAEL     2828 N HASKELL AVEBLDG 1 FL 10DALLAS , TX 75204
888-225-4398 HD
I received an automated message from DJO to call them.  As I am cautious about returning any calls from an automated system, I goggled the number and found the postings below pertaining to the 888-225-4398 number.  It turns out that my physician uses DJO for supplying their patients with braces.  However, upon placing the call, the customer service rep wanted me first to give him my personal information before explaining to me what the call was about; I refused to do so unless he explained why I was being contacted.  At that point, he stated that my bill was paid in full.
888-225-4398 Don
About 5 weeks ago, my wife had a high foot sprain and went to the emergency room, where the Doc prescribed and had her put on a Donjoy air cast brace.It cost a couple hundred dollars but insurance took care of most of the charge. I did not pick up the call today but I presume they are following up to sell something to her. The air cast was not comfortable because of the type of shoes she had and she felt it could cause her to fall and be hurt worse. She did not wear the air cast beyond the first day. It may be a decent product but it did not work for her.
888-225-4315 Orlando
man f%ck dem n****z i tell em dont call me no mo and dey blowin my sh#t up i had to cus dat bi*** out
888-225-4315 hpjc1781
I received a call; and NOT received info by email committed to me to receive next day.  Donna Cruse #2045  After 7 days they will take $76.20.  NO WAY.  I want the $`.95 returned to my bank account immediately, or they will be prosecuted.  Identity Theft, and Unauthorized Withdrawals taken from elderly and disabled people is appauling abuse for their selfish and sick gain at the expense and detriment to their innocent victims.  It needs to STOP NOW.

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