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I have been getting frequent calls from Oxford Management over the course of several months.Most of the time there is silence on the other end.  Sometimes there is a recorded message about "an extremely important personal business matter".  A few times I heard an actual voice.  One time the voice asked for someone whose name I don't know.  Other times I have requested to have my name removed from their list, but they get rude and hang up.How do I get the calls to stop?

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Ah joy ... more debt-collecting idiots calling.  No message. Thing is, I owe nobody and my credit is spotless all the way back.I think somebody uses my name and number to get low-limit cards - but that's all the info they have. Naturally the lenders can't be botheredto check it out, it's a numbers thing for  them, y-percent real people offset x-percent fakes ... so what do they care about impostors ?IMHO it's professional malpractice, a lot like a doctor cutting off thewrong leg because he was in too much of a hurry to check the medicalforms. "Gee sorry" don't cover it. Class-actions against such lenders maybe the only useful approach since the govt doesn't seem to care either. Anyway, I'll only pay my own debts, so they're SOL - and I have aproper lawyer to back that up if need be.
This cok suker keeps calling.  No message left.  StOP CalLiNG
They called under the id # 772-882-3200 Fort Pierce FL   I have a son in the ARMY, so I answered it.  A Ms Hickman asked for someone that doesn't live here and I said I would take a message, she said that she's with OXFORD and gave me the 877 number to have them call back.  Tricked into answering my phone because I thought it was an ARMY BASE.  They shouldn't be able to do this.
Ticked Off
I'm receiving calls from this number on a nightly basis usually after 8:00 p.m. The one time I spoke to a person he hung up when I asked why I was receiving these annoying calls.
Mel's Diner
Called me several times will not leave message. Called them back goes to a voicemail box.
Claims they are a collection agency. I left message to inform them I have no delinquent debt.

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