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M&I are a bunch of CROOKS. They rob you of fees like a 'service analysis fee'- when I asked what they were analyzing, they say they don't know what they are analyzing. Talking to a VP in Wisconsin he told me they were simply pumping up their balance sheet to get the highest price from a foreign bank that was buying them. He said 'it may be unethical to YOU it it's not illegal'- haha, yeah but not u ethical to them! Lol. What a bunch of SLEAZE BAGS!!!
I received a call on my answering machine and never did catch the name of the caller (said it too fast) claiming they were from M&I Bank.  If M&I had called their name would of appeared on the phone screen. If you get a call be sure to check M&I's 24 hour help line to see if the bank has connections to this number.  If you have on line banking you know your status on your Credit card or what have you. Don't fall for the urgent message and never give info on your phone. I was curious and called the # given and never got a ring.  Very fishie!!!
the dave or jim dude sounded so sincere when he rattled off their 866# one-hundred miles per hour on the answering machine and then started to chat with some chick in the background. When you call dave or jim back and they do finally answer your return call, be sure to give them your ss#, your mom's maiden name, your first pet's name, your address, all your phone #s, your former addresses, your DL #, and oh yes, be sure to give them all of your card #s. everything will be just fine. just trying to help.
i just got a call from this number and i don't have an account with m&i bank so why would they call me.  also james if it is their collection dept why wouldn't the number show up in the phone directories its a fraud
Might be a legit call BUT as a matter of habit I do NOT give OUT any information for calls such as this. These are companies paid to represent the credit card company, and get paid a %. Even when they are legit -   they  will craft their message to make you think you're behind in payments when you are not. There are just too many scams and too many companies who are outsourcing their work to individuals who may be less than honest. I find the best practice is to take info they give you, not give out ANY, ( I mean don't even give them your DOG's Name) then make payments if needed online where you know they are legitimate.
Carl and amb are both incorrect. 866-854-5585 is M&I Bank's outsourced collection department. It is a legitimate call.
Just received a message from M&I bank to call them back.  Did not let me know in regards to what, but I bank with them so I called back and sat on hold for 25+ minutes.  I decided to google the 800# and found this.  I immediately hung up.  I think this is the second time I received this call.

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