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United States
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left no message on machine.
I too was just called by them about an hour ago. They also stated that they are for a law firm and that I will be arrested and charged with fraud for a loan I took out. I am currently a Paralegal student so I knew everything they were saying to me was a lie. I asked to speak to the lawyer on the case and they told me that they will switch me over to the Paralegal. They transfered me to some other lady, all up until than had a really strong middle eastern accent. When speaking with her she told me "why will you not pay your loan you took out? We are going to have you arrested in 48 hours!" I kept trying to ask her what loan and what company is it from. She was getting mopre and more upset and screming at me. We went back and forth for a good while. I kept trying to ask her about this so called debt and she kept insisting that I will be arrested in 48 hours. I had informed her that she is suppose to serve me with papers and there is no jail for a debt. Just a lawsuit. I than lied to her and told her I was looking her up on my Lexis Nexis and there is no information on them. At that point she hung up on me. A few minutes later I decided to srart calling tham vback and give them a taste of their own harrassment. I kept calling them telling them that they are going to be arrested with in 48 hours for harrassment and fraud for trying to steal my information. Than I would hang up. After a few times of me calling them I recieve a call from another #. 818-338-9680. When I answered they hung up. I called them back and he was asking me what I wanted and why was I calling him. I hung up and called the other # to, shockingly, was the same guy on the end. At that point I told him that I now have another number that I will be reporting he laughed and hung up. I decided to just diconnect my phone and leave it be. Lets see how long this lasts.
Just left the Hialeah Gardens Police Station. After  filing a police report under this issue i faced today, they took all the information from this site and copies of the calls that were made from that number into my phone. They filed a report for Identity theft for my protection. They stated that the phone number is not registered in the state of IL and that the phone number is generated via satelite. These people are now wanted for identity theft and Fraud. The more inputs we get on this page the strong the case gets against these people. In my case these people infact have access to my account. yesterday they ran a transaction for $30.00 and according to the detective that spoke to me, he stated that is a transaction conducted to check balances and account activeness. i had to close my account because local police stated that most likely they would end up compremising my bank account and stealing the money from it. I own an electric company and this has been a huge issue for me seing that i dont know where to put the money at untill this clears up. since they have my social security number they can know where my accounts are. These people may not be so bright talking on the phone but, truth is they are master minds stealing your identity.

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