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United States
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they never leave a message.

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The caller did not leave any message.
Yes got the Same thing called me had my info yes I had a loan with the stuff they charged me with but told me to pay 100 through money pack green dot stupid I did now dnt know what to do guy named Ryan king from dodds law firm this is crazy!!!! They also threatened to are rest me from work don't fall for it like I did!!!
I just had the same thing happen. They said they will come and pick me up from my work or home if i did not pay the money back, and had my name, date of birth, and social security number...its really creepy, and im not sure what to do about it.
I get these calls too, last year it happened and I called the police.  They said they are scammers and what they are doing is phishing, they aren't even in the country.  They told me to register this scam on a federal website call IC3??  I think thats what it was.  When they called recently I told them what I was told and they told me I was correct and they know what they're doing, he also called me a bi*** and said he would call whenever he felt so I need to change my number!  What a dick!
I just received this call but they know everything my ss and address. they said i was giong to get arrested. Im not sure wat to do?
Do nothing, don't verify any info, take down a name and a number. Contact the company that is suppose to be suing you and tell them what is happening.  Then call the Attorney General of your state, file a complaint with the FTC and contact your local PD. That last part is really important, espiceally if they made a threat to have you arrested.
i got the same call ! but the scary thing is they have all my inf social # too. what should i do ?
Yes they called me saying the samething, i told them i checked up on what they are saying and their is no such charges...

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