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Well, here is what I found out so far.  It appears to be a roll over line from 850-487-1785, which belongs to the Florida Department of Education, but I have to confirm with a secondary source.  Stay tuned.Hope this helps.

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The number called my home as well and asked for someone who was not here, so I played along and they asked if I knew when the best time would be to call back.  I asked who she was, and she said it was a private matter, then hung up.Area code 850 with prefix 487 is a state of Florida number and would have to belong to a government entity, or not-for-profit funded by the State of Florida.  I performed a reverse search on the State of Florida site (see below), and nothing came up for either.  Since it does not have voice mail, its most likely a roll-over line off a main number.These numbers are public record and you can request the State of Florida provide details on the location and owner, just email the Governor's Office (see below). http://411.myflorida.com/apps/411/tel411.public_phone.phone_searchcharlie.crist@myflorida.comorcristopengov@eog.myflorida.com
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