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Browsed Number: 8303357204 | Location Code : 830 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Does anyone know who calls from this phone number?

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unknown #
This number is calling my house.
No one spoke.
I got a call from this number i don't know this number or anyone in this area. i want to know who called before i answer if they call agian
I do not answer numbers that I do not recognize..
A women asked to speak to Robert, I told her she has the wrong #, no one by that name works here. She then asked if the owner was in. I advised no & she then asked if I was his wife or if she could speak to his wife. When I told her the owner was women she just said OH, thank you & hung up.
called this morning, again.  asked for owners by name and became very rude when I told them that they were not there.  then she asked for the spouse.  when I said that they weren't here either she hung up.  she has called several times each time becoming more rude.  How do we report her business?  I would like them to stop calling!
(still) sick of this person calling me
Called again today and again I reminded her that we are not interested and we've asked her to quit calling.  She got rude and I told her to quit calling.   She hastily hung up.So, when do these complaints result in someone actually doing something about this annoyance?   She's calling a business who has asked her numberous times to quit calling.   We are on the no call list.
We receive phone calls from this unknown business, daily.  Always asks to speak with the owners.  When we reply the owners do not accept call from unknown businesses, she goes on asking if I am the owners wife.  What kind of question is that?Since the calls obviously will not stop, we put the call through to one of our supervisors.  The supervisor answered and there was silence on the other end.For the record, we do not have time to waste talking with people who call to waste our time.  Our phone lines are inteded for calls from customers only.  It is very disrespectful for a company to call and not represent themselves before asking to speak with teh party they are supposedly calling for.Businesses such as this, who repeatedly keep calling businesses, hire inept people, who should be working elsewhere instead of a call center aka telemarketing firm. Businesses such as this unknown company need to rethink there business practice and consider hiring polite professional people.  When a business asks a caller, such as callers from such businesses, they should respect the request made buy the business they called, to remove the number called from there database/call list.

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