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They been calling me since one week now   And telling me that I owe 300$ and now with plenty it will be 620$ now and if I no pay now they take me in the. Court and I end up to 3000$ and they asked me that to solve this matter I have to pay now 620$ and solve the issue they ask me my credit. Card and debit card number to paid the amount. I asked them when I took the loan and who is the person. They just say private person   Finally after being talk to them that go and sue me. Now  I calling them they hang up the phone. I am very upset that kind   Of fraud and scam going on now.

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Angry mom
Hey, I called my local police dept and they told me that its a scam that is going around and not to give any info that they dont already have and if the keep on calling ask them to see everything in paperwork.  If they can't produce paperwork then its an odvious fraud and they will stop messing with you.  They also said that if you give them any account info or money there is no way to get it back.  They would file a report just talked with me about the situation.  Also I was advised to tell them if and when they call back that I have spoken with my local police and they said to let them know that I can and will file a harrassment charge against them and that I will see them in court and they will be paying me money.................well I did that when they called back 3 days ago and havent heard a peep since!
This company keeps calling me saying there from the Federal Investagation Service's and that I have a case on me from cash america loan. They said i took out a loan for $3,500 and can settal out of court for $469. They have threating my job and they have been calling up to my work and cell phone.. I know this is a scam because I have never taking a loan from this company are anytype of payday loan.. They can barley speek english but have american names like john smith, Clarance Taylor.. This is getting on my last nerve...
Okay so new update. For anyone who is receiving calls from this number or they also use 6194141153 DO NOT PAY THEM it has been confirmed to me by BBB, and my local police department that this is a scam. They also state that they are the law office of scott c williams based out of california, I called the law office of scott c williams by googling their number the attourney there told me that this is a known scam and that they are unfortunateky using his name but that if I pay them I will only be losing my money to a debt that isn't real.   The people that are calling say thay this is a debt for U.S cash payday loans for around $400, I also contacted that company in (they are in KY) they do not do online loans and its also on their website that these people calling us is a known scam and not to pay them. Also these people calling us are asking for prepaid cards for payment why? Its because its harder to trace prepaid card payments. Hope this helps anyone who is dealing with them.
not giving mmy name
ok folks i just got the same call we all need to file police reports on these people to get a full blown investigation going i am waiting on the police right now as we speak please if your getting these calls make a police report and get them stopped the number is coming out of california for sure we looked them up ok thanks
angry mom
I had a call last night saying that I owed a payday loan of 400 that I never got, they couldnt give me a date or any specifics but they did have all of my info like place of employment and ss#.  I have never took out a loan like that and they threatened to contact my employer and I would be fired and they were going to contact my local court house and press legal charges for over 5000 if I didnt agree to pay back 620 last night.  They would not give me a number to where the supposed loan was from, they said that they would talk to me???  I told my employer and they said it was scare tactics to get me to agree to pay money but the only scary thing is that they have all my info!!!!  What should I do?
Wow love ur greeting I called and heard it....I have three attourneys in my family and they are all on top of this....guess who is in legal trouble now stupid scammers

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