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Browsed Number: 8187396474 | Location Code : 818 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Individual Comments for 8187396474

pfat phrankie
Someone left a message on my phone from this number. Curious, I called back. Woman answered. Very nice sounding. Eventually said she had dialed the wrong no. She was looking for a client who 'no-showed'. I asked what kind of service and she said FBSM  ??? Sensual Massage.....Oh.   Wanted to know if I wanted the hour.....well, no. But thanks for asking......Said she'd show me a 'happy ending' I'd never forget.

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Escort services. the number is listed on craigslist.
I have received numerous calls from this number and never picked it up. They never leave a message either. Does anyone know who this is?
Patrice Le Thuaut
This number was associated with a "lawyer" who prepared the 10 months agreementfor a room my son was supposed to rent in Toronto , starting from le 15th of june.One month rent + security deposit paid ----> no room found on arrival.People included in that story : Mrs Ellen LordThis phone number was written on the residential tenancy agreement, but never served.
Called and hung up with no message.

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