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United States
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The Truth
Don't be afraid of these scamming, lying jackholes. Notice how all their BS posts claiming to be real were made in the time span and with English as bad as they use on the phone. They are pathetic cons and prove it more with each fake post.

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this *fake!* anonymous is a lying scammer shill. I am the *real* anonymous, bane of scammers and shills. :))
mine too!
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Ida W.
Got a call from them this morning saying I owed them money hmm.
Sandra my dear...just keep paying who your paying now and make sure you get proof that your making the payments..and just ignore the indian scammers or play with them they hate it when you waste there time on the phone when they threaten you laugh at them and i mean laugh really loud after awhile they will realise your a waste of time and there not getting monies from you,,remember there very jealous of our life style they live in a shed with no running water
Sandra P
Hi Mike I've been getting the same calls from different area codes..THe thing is I did take out pay day loan..that i' m paying.. So what do you suggest to do?THis is very annoying...
Mike W.
These are scammers from India or some like country, using pre-paid cell phones and Magic Jack VOIP lines to harrass you.  Do not pay them...just hang up.   They generally go away...maybe to call again in a couple of weeks or so, but if you don't play their game, they are harmless.   If you inform your work you are being scam attempted, they should understand.   Not much at all that can be done with these crooks, as they are almost definately outside the country, and Magic Jack, or the companies they use for their lines are not going to help either, citing confidentiality.   They call me every 2-3 weeks, using the same script...same accented person on the line....same scam, never any specific details except some basic details of my SS# and such...normally I'd be worried, but they don't have any current banking info.   Anywhoo....good luck.

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