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United States
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2018-01-23 20:52:55
This has been going for 4 years!!!! Vandergriff Toyota of Arlington TX has been TOLD upteen times that I am not interested in their buy outs, their new cars. I will never do business with them EVER again. They call repeatedly, can’t take no for answer, keep calling after I have asked them stop! I’ve blocked every number they call me from and yet they find somE new way of calling me ! PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A COLLECTION CALL TO ME. I OWN MY VECHILE OUT RIGHT & THEY WANT TO “ PURCHASE MY USED VECHICLE TO PUT ME IN A NEW ONE”. If and when I want to purchase a new Toyota, I will go to Toyota of Plano.

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Anonymous ( 2018-01-23 01:06:49 )
Anonymous ( 2018-01-22 20:40:59 )
This is a scam! They are pretending to be Advance America. They got me once with a South Carolina number.

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