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Browsed Number: 8166591320 | Location Code : 816 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Jefferson City
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This outfit called me again but I have them blocked. I dont want anything to do with a crooked agency. I don't respond to threats or harassment. Apparently they haven't gotten the hint.

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They've called me every day for the last two weeks. They keep asking for an Eddie. The cell number has belonged to me for 3+ years, I also don't know and Eddie. On top of that I don't have student loads. I've added myself to the DNC list and reported the number. I plan to report it every time it calls me. Maybe if others start doing the same the Feds will shut it down just to stop the complaints. One can dream.
This is a "student loan counseling" service (aka a scam!).  They called my cell phone daily saying that I have been behind in my student loans with MOHELA and they could help.  This was a lie--I have never been behind in my student loan and just to make sure I called MOHELA up themselves.  They stated that I was current and have never been behind on my payments.  I called this scam company back and asked them to remove my name from their call list since I was on to what they were doing.  I told them I spoke with MOHELA but the gentleman on the phone kept coming up with more lies.  He said in order to remove me from their call list, he needed my MOHELA account number.  Did he think I was an idiot?  I told him to f*** off and placed this company on my blocked callers.  Problem solved!
Well, I guess my phone blocking isn't working as expected, but I still won't answer a call I don't recognize.They won't give up I guess.
Well, here we go again only this time I will try & block this outfit this time.
thse people don't stop. They don't have to really with robocalling. The DNC list is a joke because if they don't ignore it they find a way around it. If the feds would charge them for every call they made, they would stop because of the expense.
This number keeps calling my house. It's clear they have the wrong number!! This needs to stop before I look into phone harrassment!!

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