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Browsed Number: 8143448909 | Location Code : 814 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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The man called my place of business three times in a row on Sat Aug 28th, 2010. He had a hard time speaking, he asked what kind of company we are, and what our phone number is. I asked him what number he was trying to reach. He did not answer my question. He then said that he called the wrong number and hung up.He called right back, I wrote down his phone number and entered it into Google search and found out who it belongs to, and the address of that person. Again he said he dialed the wrong number, and he was making strange noises while saying he was calling a toll free number. The freaky thing is that it sounded like porno video was loudly playing in the background. He then said he was calling 800 wet panties. Yuck! I hung up on him. He waited a couple of minutes and the creep called a third time! I was prepared to mess with his sick little mind! I told him "You are not mis-dialing the phone. You are calling from 814-344-8909 and I will call Jennifer and tell her what you do.  I will send her a copy of your taped second and third calls to her Main St. address in Carrolltown, PA if you ever mis-dial this number again! He did not say a word, and he hung up.I think I will follow up and call her later from my girlfriends' husbands' phone, He is a detective whose area of expertise is sex crimes against children. If either of them redial his number, he will know how to handle it!I hope this helps someone.

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Received a call on landline.
I didn't answer, left no message.
no one responded.
I got the text and went to the website. It's a job matching service that interviews you quickly to see what kind of job you're looking for and then sends you jobs in your area that you can go apply to.
What's the website about? The one in the text?
I put hun for the name of my boyfriend in my phone and everytime he texts it says hun. So it's in the phone not the text.

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