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814 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 814 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 814 Series

814-603-5331 Anonymous
2017-10-14 16:11:10
Left a voicemail on my cell which was a 2 min recording of my spouse and myself talking while we browsed aisles of local store. Strange indeed!
814-201-9251 Russell Smith
2015-03-04 21:41:25
This is a slimy company. They are PERFORMANT - a collection agency for student loans. They are based in CA but use some sort of state-bouncing, number-hiding scheme so that it looks like a local number in your area code on the caller ID and it never shows their real name. It either shows 'Unknown' or 'Pennsylvania'. I'm sure they are hiding their own caller ID info so people won't know it is them. I called back to find out who it was and the intro message said that they were PERFORMANT. Best policy nowadays if you have caller ID, especially with all the telemarketers: don't take the call unless you recognize the phone number and/or know who is calling.
814-344-8909 itsjustme
The man called my place of business three times in a row on Sat Aug 28th, 2010. He had a hard time speaking, he asked what kind of company we are, and what our phone number is. I asked him what number he was trying to reach. He did not answer my question. He then said that he called the wrong number and hung up.He called right back, I wrote down his phone number and entered it into Google search and found out who it belongs to, and the address of that person. Again he said he dialed the wrong number, and he was making strange noises while saying he was calling a toll free number. The freaky thing is that it sounded like porno video was loudly playing in the background. He then said he was calling 800 wet panties. Yuck! I hung up on him. He waited a couple of minutes and the creep called a third time! I was prepared to mess with his sick little mind! I told him "You are not mis-dialing the phone. You are calling from 814-344-8909 and I will call Jennifer and tell her what you do.  I will send her a copy of your taped second and third calls to her Main St. address in Carrolltown, PA if you ever mis-dial this number again! He did not say a word, and he hung up.I think I will follow up and call her later from my girlfriends' husbands' phone, He is a detective whose area of expertise is sex crimes against children. If either of them redial his number, he will know how to handle it!I hope this helps someone.
814-344-4021 Lori
I didn't answer, left no message.
814-344-4015 shmert
This phone call is annoying.  They call and it is a recording you wait for someone to answer and it takes too long I hang up.  I figure if someone wants to talk to me they would be on there ready not make me wait.
814-344-4015 Ed
If you answer it says please wait for next available operator. If you don't they never leave a message
814-344-1011 dan
They called me today..said the same thing..they will arrest me and put a block on my ssn... Said I have to pay them $150...I screamed at them and swore up a storm..he said he will see me in court..I told him I'll see him there..he said I have 3 federal charges against me..very thick accent and noise in the back ground..I figured it was a scam but had to check online..and I was right..I hope they call me again..
814-344-1011 victim2
I got a threatening phone call today from this number with a woman on the other end being one with an Indian accent.She said that a lawsuit was filed against me involving my SSN and mentioned a docket number that I did not write down.I tried hanging up on her,but she called me back and askedwhy I hung up and I said because I did.She said I would be arrested if I did not resolve this matter voluntarily!
814-344-1011 Alfalfa
This is a criminal phantom debt collection scam operating out of Ahmedabad, India. ABC News covered it just last week:Phantom Debt Collectors From India Harass Americans, Demand MoneyBy BRIAN ROSS (@brianross) , CINDY GALLI and MATTHEW MOSK (@mattmosk) June 7, 2012 Hundreds of thousands of cash-strapped Americans have been targeted by abusive debt collectors operating out of overseas call centers suspected of links to organized crime in India, law enforcement officials told ABC News.The calls are part of a massive scam, one that appears to target struggling Americans -- especially those who have gone online to apply for payday loans. Armed with personal information from those pilfered applications, the threatening callers, who claim to be debt collectors poised to initiate legal action, have managed to pry loose millions of dollars from their victims -- even when the victims never owed money in the first place."This is what we call a phantom debt collection scam," said Jon Leibowitz, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. "It's a very pernicious and innovative new fraud."Working through call centers in India, the commission estimates that the criminals have dialed at least 2.5 million calls, persuading already cash-strapped victims to send them more than $5 million. Some have reported receiving dozens of calls per hour. They are victims like Cindy Gervais, of New Orleans, who went online for a quick loan when her husband's car was hit by a driver who didn't have insurance.Even though she paid the loan off, the so-called "phantom" debt collectors with Indian accents began calling to say she still owed money.He more or less told me that if I didn't pay, they were going to have someone on my doorstep to arrest me," she told ABC News. "And that they were going to contact my place of business, and tell them what kind of person I am."At first, she said she resisted. Then the calls became more frequent, and started to ring on her cell phone, and at the grocery distribution company where she had worked for 27 years."I was more or less was in panic mode because he told me there would be someone before noon at my place of business to arrest me and take me to jail," she said tearfully. "So I agreed to pay him."After receiving scores of complaints, investigators with the FTC said they began tracking the calls, and following the payments. They alleged the payments led them to a California company run by an Indian-American named Kirit Patel, and that such scams would not be possible without American front men."I would say that all roads of this scam, or many of the roads of this scam, lead back to Mr. Patel," said the FTC's Leibowitz.ABC News tracked Patel for weeks, from the suburbs of San Francisco to Austin, Texas.Patel refused to talk. But his lawyer, Mark Ellis, said he believes it is far too early to pass judgment on his client. Ellis, a Sacramento-based attorney, told ABC News that Patel was hired for a nominal fee to set up an American shell company, and had no idea what the call centers in India were doing."I can tell you, he was as snookered by the people in India as anybody," Ellis said. "He's a 69-year-old man who is nearing his retirement who thought all he had to do was set up some corporations and everything was on the up and up. He's completely dismayed that he has become the lightning rod of this entire problem."A close friend of Patel's also defended him in a brief interview at his home, saying Patel was not trying to defraud anyone -- he was just an unwitting, bit player in a larger scheme."If Mr. Patel was just a cog in the wheel he seems to have been a pretty big cog," Leibowitz said. "It is clear that Patel was integrally involved with this scam." Leibowitz points to thousands of pages of financial and phone records gathered by the FTC and filed as part of a civil case brought against him in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento last month. When FTC lawyers sought to freeze his assets and prevent his business from continuing to operate, Patel responded by invoking his rights against self-incrimination. His lawyer told ABC News he has had to be careful in how he responds to the allegations in civil court "because there is a potential criminal action," but that Patel maintains the allegations against him are false. Federal investigators said the phantom debt collection operation that allegedly benefitted from Patel's assistance was one of several that all trace back to the same small town in Western India called Ahmedabad. Callers use technology to make it appear that the calls originate inside the U.S. Victims provided ABC News with recordings of dozens of the calls, and many of the thickly accented callers appear to be reading off a script. "Subpoenas have been readied, and Monday morning you're going to be picked up from your home," one caller says on a victim's voicemail. "And you have children. Don't worry about your children. We have a childcare department to take care of the children." "You will be behind bars for six months," said another caller. "And once you go behind bars, you will lose your job. Once you are behind the bars, you won't get a single drop of water." William Peerce Howard, a Tampa attorney who represents victims of harassment from debt collectors, said it takes an especially twisted criminal to use threats and coercion to pry money from someone who is already struggling financially "These guys really are the most visible villains in America today," he said. "They make a living scaring people."Mark Merola, of Florida, said he just panicked when the caller told him he might be arrested at the deli where he works in a Florida retirement community. "I was nervous. I didn't want to embarrass myself, my family," he said. He used his debit card to pay the collector $576. Afterwards, he says he realized "how stupid I was." "It just happened so fast," he said. "I got scared." Leibowitz said he hopes with more attention, future potential targets of the scam will recognize red flags before they turn over any money. If callers say they are from the police, consumers should know that law enforcement officers do not collect debt for private parties. If the caller is speaking with a thick Indian accent, but calls themselves by a names such as Officer Mike Johnson, that should be a tip off. And if they're calling 40 times in two hours, that's another red flag. "Legitimate debt collectors, legitimate pay day lenders don't do those sorts of things," he said. Merola said he would like to see anyone involved in the scam prosecuted aggressively. "There's no place in society for these people," he said. http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/phantom-debt-co ... 16512428&page=2
814-344-1011 victim
Keep getting calls at my workplace from this #; has Indian accent and refuses to stop calling me work # even though I know if I tell him to stop he has to by law. Sounds like he is calling from a crowded room with other lowlifes. Says he has information on my legal case involving my social security #.
814-344-1011 Nomind
I just received a call this morning from this number. A guy named Steven Parsson told me that he has a complaint against me because I took a loan in April 2011 ($350).I told him ,I never took a loan ,so I can t paye.He told me that he s going to block my social security number and sue me.I asked to go ahead if he can.I know that ,its a scam.
814-344-1011 Chicagoland Christian Village
We received other calls from this company under a different phone number. We had previously made a police report on this company and now find they are using the above number to circumvent the block that was put on their previous number. They also slightly altered the name of the caller from the previous callers name. And yes, they are rude and will stoop to threats at the drop of a hat. They will call themselves and "officer" and give their company and official police-type name when asked who they are.
814-344-1011 Carol
I got a call threating me to listen to them about some legal matter, I asked them to send me documentation and they told me to shut up and I hung up. They called about 5 times back to back, I continued to hang up on them.
814-344-1008 Snowaway
Michelle, it's sounds very fishy. My advise would be to ask for written proof. If this is legit, which I doubt, they would have already mailed you the information requesting payment. Whatever you do..DO NOT give them ANYTHING, including any personal information! Better yet, don't even talk to them. When they call, hang up.
814-344-1008 Michelle
This number has been calling me at my job and at home saying that they are going to send the sheriff to my place of employment to have me arrested if I don't pay them $300.00 today and if I want the whole court case to go away I need to pay them $450.00. They are claiming to be a law office and they are very hard to understand due to the heavy accent. One "paralegal" said his name was Jacob Brown the other guy I spoke with was suppose to be an attorney that would only say his name is Fernando.
814-344-1007 Richard Anderson
These ppl called threatening me about an unpaid payday loan and proceeded stating that the creditor is moving forward with legal charges and will be submitted to the local authorities and court house for legal proceedings.  They also discussed charges in their attorney fees and court house fees,but they could not tell me who the creditor was or the date of the charges. They continued to interrupt and wouldn't allow me to speak.  They said they had mailed documents and I had ignored, it was too late.  They also had all my personal information, and said they were contacting my employer and that they would have to appear in court, etc.  CRAZY.  I hung up and they called again, I didn't answer.
814-344-1007 darrly
I have been receiving calls from this number for a while. They had all my information, and threatened to go to my job! They told me the police would come pick me up if I didn't pay. He advised me to go to Walmart and purchase a green dot card!!!! The Guy was from India and couldn't speak English at all! This is a scam, and something needs to be done ASAP!
814-344-1007 V.P
Even scam artists are outsourcing. On Tuesday in its first crackdown on fraudulent telemarketing in South Asia, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it was shutting down two California-based companies that used a call center in India to defraud Americans out of more than $5 million over the past two years. Workers in India made threatening calls to Americans getting them to pay money on debts that they didn't owe, the FTC charges. At an FTC press conference in Chicago on Tuesday, fraud victim JanLaree DeJulius explained that she had received a call from someone claiming to be an enforcement officer from the (phony) "Federal Department of Crime and Prevention," who threatened to have her arrested and have her wages garnished if she didn't pay a bill of more than $730. The scam artists had gotten her name and information from a payday loan her ex-husband had taken out in her name."It was very embarrassing," Dejulius said. "He knew everything about me so I agreed to set up an installment." She is not alone. According to the FTC, more than 8 million calls were made since 2010 and at least 17,000 transactions processed across the United States related to the global scam. On Tuesday under request from the FTC, a U.S. District Court in Chicago stopped the international operation, charging Varang K. Thaker and two companies he owned, American Credit Crunchers, LLC, and an affiliate Ebeeze, LLC, with violating the FTC Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. "This is a brazen operation based on pure fraud, and the FTC is committed to shutting it down," said David Vladeck, director of the FTC's consumer protection bureau. "Consumers should not be pressured into paying debt they don't remember owing. Legitimate debt collectors must provide consumers with both written information about the debt, and instructions for protecting themselves if they don't think they owe the debt."According to the FTC's charges, Thaker used Social Security numbers and bank account numbers obtained from payday lenders to identify the victims for his scam. He outsourced the work to an Indian call center, where workers made threatening calls to American consumers to pay fake debt or collect on bills for which they were not authorized. Thaker was not available when contacted by telephone on Tuesday. A woman who claimed to be Thaker's older sister and asked not to be named for privacy reasons said he is working with the FTC to help the Indian government pursue the fraudster call center operators. She also said he was innocent in the scam. "He was being used by somebody. He didn't even know where they got the information," she told The Huffington Post by phone. She said that her brother got 10 percent of the earnings from the scam operation.The FTC charges against Thaker are the latest in a series of police actions by the government agency to put an end to rogue debt collection operations that have become more frequent in the aftermath of the Great Recession. In January, the FTC struck a $2.5-million settlement with debt-buying company Asset Acceptance, LLC, charging that the company had falsely represented itself to customers, including making up phantom debts that customers no longer owed. Last October, the FTC filed a complaint against seven other fraudulent debt collectors, alleging that they had engaged in the same techniques -- demanding money from customers who owed nothing at all.The growing number of Americans who are unable to pay their bills has meant there are more companies looking to profit from their economic difficulties. Debt collectors have been taking more aggressive tactics as fewer people are able to make ends meet or are in a cycle of debt. More than 30 million Americans are in debt collection, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Since 2010, more than 4,000 complaints have been filed with the FTC and state attorneys general about fraudulent debt collection calls, the FTC said. Charles Junitkka, a personal bankruptcy attorney who represents clients in the New York City area, said, "In the last few years, the desperation of the collectors and their efforts have intensified because of the economy."This story has been updated to reflect comment from a woman who says she is the sister of Varang Thaker. Thaker himself was unavailable for comment.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/21/ftc- ... _n_1289751.html
814-344-1004 Nikki
Hey same here, not getting phone calls for the same thing again & again.
814-344-1004 GARY
They really helped me out,,,,,,,,,,Thanks as am not getting calls again.........
814-344-1004 Tiffany
They just called me and said they were calling from a "Law Office" and was pressing charges because I defaulted on a loan....Did I mention a loan I never applied for or recieved....complete SCAM please don't  fall for it
814-344-1004 Jen
Got a call from the # that someone I know owed the money from a pay day loan & the were accusing her of commiting fraud by computer. Funny thing is she doesnt even use the computer & had not taken a loan. All very strange. I was suppose to pass the message to her.
814-344-1004 Pam
Receiving phone calls at my work to state I owe them money. They are continuing to call me on a daily basis, I have already reported the call to the fraud department at Attorney General Office.
814-344-1004 Jan Andrews
Harrassing the CRAP out of me from several different numbers.  They're even calling me at work.  I've told them to stop and it makes no difference.  They're going to get me fired and I don't even owe anyone the amount they're trying to collect!
814-344-1004 Lisa Bandiera
Receiving calls form this number saying I owe $300 and need to settle right away...will not say who for, what for or provide any contract...SCAM!  Be aware!
814-343-9588 Peter
Spamming Cat Fact Crap! Get this person's number removed from service immediately!
814-343-9588 wiki
sending cat fact crap
814-343-7211 Pammy
I have been getting calls at working, harassing.  Then at the end they say God bless.  Scam
814-343-7211 sandra bird
They call and call and call- when I hang up they call me back and tell me not to hang up on them. They keep trying to get my social security number- They won't give me names- sometimes they say they work for an attorney- but no name. How did they get my number and how do I get them to stop.
814-343-7211 Stephanie
I recieved a call from a guy statting that I was being sued for check fraud and theft by deception for a payday loan I took out wit no intentions of paying back which never happened. He cursed me and told me serious things will happen if I do not pay him by debit or credit card over the phone. I asked him was he part of a scam and he sat there quietly for a second then said if that's what you want to believe.I have been getting calls from him for about two months now about a payday loan I never took out.

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