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812 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 812 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 812 Series

812-342-9877 Dara
No message left. Do not know who called me.
812-341-8354 Susan
Just got a call but did not answer.
812-341-4876 john smith
thats my number i just got it a few weeks ago
812-341-4876 hello
ok thanks. you don't have to be an a** about it :)
812-341-4876 Like we would know
You expect us to know? If you're the first to report it, it means you're probably the only one with issues with that number. Find out yourself. If you enter the number into google, you'll get half a dozen sites offering everything you need for just $15.
812-341-4876 hello
this person keeps harassing me. who is it?
812-341-4407 raymond
Called my office, I could not understand from what business.
812-340-6875 tina hall
prank calling me
812-340-6875 tina
this number is prank calling me
812-340-5225 KT
Random number sent me a naked picture of himself
812-340-3930 Tony
Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.
812-340-3337 Tayng
Pervert who calls porn stores when women are working.
812-340-2497 kenja
812-339-6600 Danny in Kentucky
Who is this?  I never answer phone calls from anyone I do not know.  They have been calling several times a day for about two weeks...and they let it ring 25-30 times or until i turn ringer off or turn on fax and let it answer.
812-339-6000 NoneYa
I just pulled up the number, went to menu, and added them to my 'reject call' list. No message is left but i can believe it would be authorhouse since I have previously published a book using their printing service.
812-339-6000 Kohn
I answer call and ask your company to stop calling, but they are still calling!!. At this time I CANNOT afford to pay the prices that your company is asking for. And I also think its a scam to get peoples money. Publishing companies help you publish a book anot reap you off. Please Stop calling, NOW!!!
812-339-6000 Anony
It's from Author House, the publishing company.
812-339-6000 Kit
Got a call at 10:38am no one talked at the other end of phone? then I got a message that said good bye?I do want phone calls or solicitors calling my cell using my min.
812-339-6000 JL
I just spoke with someone who claims he is the "independent author" of the move "Legally Blonde".... I know its not, but would like to know who to contact to let them know that this person is taking credit for the work of someone else, for sales purposes of Author House "independent" Publishing.
812-339-6000 Frank
This number has called my cell phone numerous times in the past few weeks - including once yesterday and then again just now.  I have 'rejected' their calls and now it looks like they left a voice message.  How do we stop this calls - I am so fed up with them, especially on my cell.N
812-339-6000 jeanhee
stop calling me! OMG! talk about desparate attempts...
812-339-6000 Brian
I wanted to publish a book one time and ever since these people are rentless on getting be to spend money with them.
812-339-6000 Evie
812-339-6000 keeps calling me all day everyday. I look it up is Indiana area call.  I refuse to pick up i know is a scam trying to sell u something.
812-339-6000 Eric
Kept calling all day -- I'd pick up and there was no answer. I called back and found it was Author House Publishing -- I think it's a scam to try and get you to call back. Very annoying. When I finally talked to someone - she said that I called their company in 2003 -- and there are just now getting back in touch with me?? It's only been 8 years. I explained that I was not interested in their self-publishing service.
812-339-6000 gunner
called - did not recognize the number - no message
812-339-6000 Mel
812-339-6000 called back... didn't answer.  The call is from AuthorHouse a self-publishing outfit.
812-339-6000 Mel
I didn't recognize the number so refused to answer.  It rang and rang and rang.  812 is an Indiana code, I'm told.
812-339-6000 Jess
Called twice, no answer
812-337-8500 javid
current location of this no.
812-337-8001 meme
Got a call from this number. Didn't leave a msg.

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