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United States
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Individual Comments for 8089904879

Got a text message from this number from someone acting like they knew me. I don't live in the area I am just visiting. I thought it strange that whoever sent the message knew I was here. They said they had just checked into the area for a week and wanted to know if I was here. I'm. Not sure who is behind this but I'm pretty sure they are up to no good.

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714-202-2551 keeps calling and there is nobody there when I say hello!What good is the 'do not call' list?  Just another failed Government program!!
L Walls
I also had call from Clear View construction.  She asked if I knew the value of my home.  I said "yes but what business could it be of yours?"  There is no point in reporting any of these telemarketers.  I've been reporting them for years and the govt couldn't care less.
CLEARVIEW CONSTRUCTION...ENERGY SAVING.I have told them too many times to count...quit calling.  Remove my name.  They deny it.  Act stupid but at least this time the guy was nice.  I told him I would be reporting his company for continuous calling and I was filing a complaint. He tried to tell me how professional his company is...yadda yadda.  Obviously not if you are not respecting my requests to QUIT calling.He didn't care.  He just hung up.
Receive weird call from this number 714-202-2551 Nov 13 at 11:20am. Pick up the phone but there is no answer from it.
Poor people
The Green home improvement called my home last night close to 7pm and it called again today just now.I am going to file another complaint at www.fcc.gov/complaints, which is the FEDERAL COMMUNICATORS COMMISSION. Everyone please file a complaint, together we may stop those idiots from disturbing us day in and day out.
Phone display  read ORANGE, CA and this number. I let it go to answer. No message left. Now blocked.
Just called and sounded like he was 100 miles away but had a local number.  Hmmm.  Claimed to be working with Edison.  Knew my name and what street I live on.  I don't like that.
Calls from this number nearly daily. No message left; phone just identities the number called. Please stop the calls and save us both time.

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