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808 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 808 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 808 Series

808-989-2637 Me2
Yup, i got the exact same message.the Text was from 3344133681
808-989-2637 Anon
Text:Christmas sale: has been picked for trip for 4 to disney/daytona resort for 7 days 6 nights with purchase of car rental call: 855-973-4050 promo:san
808-989-2281 baby618
Don't know this numb
808-989-1957 Casey
Have no idea who it is.
808-987-9487 nagaraj
my mob no has won 500,000,00gbp in the 2012  uk.nokiaclaim@tnctr.com
808-987-9487 Husain.op
808-987-9487 Husain.op
My mobile no has won 500,000,00GBP IN THE 2012 NOKIA MOB NO AWARD
808-987-8585 Edward
Got a call from this number. Who owns this number?
808-987-8516 sylvia
I got a call from this number 100 234 808 987 8516 and have a clue who it belongs to
808-987-6660 Joan
Received a call.
808-987-0140 Pam
This person sent me a text saying, "Yooooo, this is Lil Rell". Crazy!!
808-987-0095 Invisigoth
Spam voicemail left on j2.com fax number.
808-987-0038 Joe
Fire Hatt Sport Fishing77-263 Maliko Street Kailua Kona, HI 967408089870038FIRE HATT Sportfishing is a fishing charter company located in Kona, Hawaii that specializes in big game sportfishing for marlin, ahi, mahi mahi and ono.marlin fishing hawaii sport fishing hawaii charter boat fishing charter kona fishing
808-983-9513 Cora
no messages
808-983-8000 MJT from Oklahoma
I want to say 'thank you pua" for knowing and posting about the #808-983-8000 and it being an only out going #, and for posting the # that can be called back which is 808-983-6000, It is to the Kapi'olani Hospital If it wasn't for your posting I would not have known who or why I was recieving the calls that would disconnect every time I tried answered them  When I called the in going # you posted I then found out that my granddaughter was in the hospital in Hawaii. Thank goodness there is someone that took the time to let people know that some calls  from an unknown # can turn out to be imporant and not just prank calls.
808-983-8000 V
Crazy People!!!
808-983-8000 Hauoli
This number is from Kapi'olani Hospital.  It's a phone number for them to dial out, but I guess not dialed in.
808-983-8000 Cene
Got this missed number 8089838000 on my phone. Tried calling and it f****ng said not in service!!!WTF !!! Annoyed and irritated!! Have a good day!
808-983-8000 annoyed
This number called me repeatedly about 3x. I answered on the 3rd time and they hung up on me. Tried calling it back, but I got a message that it's not in service. It's one thing to get a wrong number the first time, but why keep dialing over and over? Too bad I can't find out who they are so I can do that to them and say "How do you like it now"?
808-983-8000 Pua
I received a message on my cell phone from 808-983-8000 about a patient, whose name I didn't recognize.  I tried to call back and was told the phone # was not in service.  I looked the number up on the internet and found the number is for Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu and is issued through Hawaiian Telcom.  I called Hawaiian Telcom to report trouble with the number and they told me the number *IS* in service.  I called 411 and got a different number for the hospital.  To my knowledge the phone calls you are getting from this number might be very important information about someone in the hospital. The 808-983-8000 number is probably being used ONLY for outgoing calls.  There is another number for Kapi'olani Hospital, which is 808-983-6000. And NO I didn't missdial - the number that called me was 808-983-8000 and is still shown as such on my cell.  Hope this helps!
808-983-8000 WTF!
Got a call from this number at 4:40 AM! WTF! Just shut off the phone.
808-983-8000 WEHI
808-983-8000 c...
yeah? what the heck. the person was asking someone with the name of crystal??
808-983-1803 sue
who r u
808-983-1122 patricia
I am not sure he said is name is kelly bee.He says he knows me.I am am afraid.that someone else is using my name.
808-982-7680 Dayle
I got a call today at 1153am Indiana time.  It came up on caller ID as "Camar" and it was 808--982-7680.  I am getting calls every single day all day from all over the United States!   I suspect that these people are a part of a network of scammers with cell phones.  It's the only explanation I can think of as to why these calls seem to come from all over the United States.
808-982-7680 Dameon Angel
I get calls from numbers like this every day almost.It is a scam to get you to buy medication.I'm not sure if it is a real business.I've tried to get more of their information but they give nothing.Very annoying and I'm going to have to change my number someday.They usually start out by saying "I have that medication package you ordered"I asked them multiple times to remove my number from their calling list with no effect.They get very nasty too.Call the number back and it is disconnected.I even started putting in the numbers in my phone so I could not answer them.My phone filled up with numbers for the 'Online Pharmacy" user before I stopped tracking.
808-982-7680 gp
got a call from Hawaii phone number 808-982-7680 at 2:55 pm on a sat.do not know anyone form Hawii did notn answer the call they left no message.most likely a telemarketer or other scammer
808-979-4124 Ethan
Who owns this phone number?
808-975-1132 Matt
No message left

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