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803 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 803 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 803 Series

803-632-2310 Anonymous
2018-02-01 19:21:01
they said a free one minute call from ... couldn't understand and then the phone disconnnected
803-252-2674 Anonymous
2017-11-28 19:44:51
10-20 calls per day, when you pick it up- it rings a fax tone, label says SC (state) co. Driving me crazy- cant block it.
803-227-0133 Anonymous
2017-10-09 15:41:04
who is this that keeps calling during my work hours
803-210-9536 Bev
2016-02-25 22:42:59
Rec'd text msg with attachment: "I love you this much"
803-610-4434 Ant Sher
2014-11-12 03:33:01
not sure who called
803-675-5905 KARL
803-675-5893 Mare
Nothing but static on my voice mail. called back and pressed #1 for the do not call back list we will see how that works.
803-675-5893 pat
answered phone. no response from caller. no message. hung up.
803-675-5832 Ginger
Please block this number 803-675-5832 from calling my home number!! It came from Clover, South Carolina!
803-675-5727 Ben
Calling my house
803-675-5725 michael
Got a phone call ...answered it and no one on other end.
803-675-5221 pl
I also got the text then my daughter did about two hours later.  Then my son received a text hers was same as mine but different tell phone number.  My son got one about credit union account which he dont have.  We just deleted all of them figuring it was a scam.  Best thing to do is just ignore it.
803-675-5221 opioid
This is confirmed to be a scam!Another possible thing is that it could be one of those numbers you call and get charged an insane amount, like the one that still exists and the Government can't do anything about. (I believe it costs you 100$ per call)I was at T-Mobile tonight, and half of the employees were aware of it,the others had no clue.They did say that corporate is planning on sending a free text message to all customers warning them about the scam to prevent any further problems.They are also going to add a warning to their website concerning it,and encourage everyone to talk about it on the internet such as facebook/twitter/myspace/etc. - Be careful everyone,don't let these scumbags get away with this and make money! (although I'm sure a good amount of people already fell victim to it) -
803-675-5221 gmh
i received a text last nite from this number also on my personal phone. When I came into work today - all work phones got the same text.
803-675-5221 xarophti
sms received from "tmomail@tmomail.net: Notification :FMB Account temporarily locked. Call at 8036755221". Internet search revealed area code to be Clover, South Carolina. Glad I looked this up, as I got it coinciding with a "75% minutes" warning, so I thought it might actually be something. Real sms from T-Mobile is usually formatted as coming from a 3-digit number (e.g., 456) and starts "Free T-Mobile Msg:" Based on findings here, I'm deleting.
803-675-5221 DD
I got an SMS with the same text this evening:tmomail@tmomail.net:Notification: FMB Account temporarily locked. Call at 8036755221I'm just going to delete it. Thanks to the others for reporting this scam here!
803-675-5221 jack
I also got this message, along with my wife, I am glad that i looked here. thanks
803-675-5221 Nan
Just got the text too. T-Mobile is aware of this.Banks would never text anyone for anything.
803-675-5221 pain in the a** text messages
have no clue what this number is if anyone has info. did not give any info to them but there is no operator that u can connect to find out what it is???
803-675-5221 bsj
Just got this text too.  I think it's trying to pretend it's t-mobile.Glad I looked here first.
803-675-5221 Joe
Yeah I just got the same exact text and I called T mobile and they said they could not trace the text!I tried to Get an operator when I called the number but it just keeps asking to enter my credit card number. When it's incorrect they ask to enter you debit card number. I just entered the 16 digits on an expired gift card !!!SCAM!!!!
803-675-5221 jc
sms SCAM!!! Text reads:tmomail@tmomail.net:Notification: FMB Account temporarily locked. Call at 8036755221.When you call, it asks for you debit card number.  Do No Give!!!!!
803-675-5210 Dario
My landlord call me and said to call 1-877-997-4825 because they called her at her cell. I asked her if they said who they were and she said it was a legal department and that I have given her husband which was my landlord as reference. First of all I WONT EVER GIVE ANYBODY THAT IS NOT CLOSE TO ME AND KNOW WELL AS REFERENCE FOR NOTHING. This lady just lost her husband and she is a very nice lady that do not need anybody she do not know to call her. THIS IS A SCAM> I called today 1-877-997-4825 and spoke to LISA FOSTER!!!!! She threatened me saying she represents a payday loan company and that I needed to pay $435. or they will serve me with documents. This is not a law firm and this no is from south carolina. I called a friend that works on a settlement company and he said to do not call back because is a scam and if I receive any documents to fax them to him and he will take care of this for me. I am retired and work part time at a grocery store, my wife is disabled and going through a terrible hardship and have been in a lot of stress lately and do not need this. Our government, The Federal Trade Commission and the FBI need to stop this thieves and creeps. Please if somebody call you from 1-877-997-4825 or 1-803-675-5210 do not believe them, they are a scam and people trying to steal your money. I am going to write the Attorney General, The White House and The Federal Trade Commission. They need to do an investigation on this SCAM and protect us from these creeps and thieves.
803-675-5210 lmr72
You are full of crap..this is NOT a law firm and they are NOT for real....this is the second time...count it..second time a "process server" contacted me and said the would be in my area in 24-48 hours to serve me....and to call this number to work it out...WHATEVER...first of all this number is a south carolina number to a Lisa Foster.....I called to see what the company would be...she answers and in turn calls my number after i hang up on her...from a cell phone with a Detroit number...go figure...first of all people...i worked in a court reporting and process serving firm.....REAL processors are NOT going to call you and give you a heads up that they are going to serve you..so you can hide and run them around town....the faster they serve...the faster they get their money....this is all a lie..and the doofus above who said its real is either in on it or just dumb.
803-675-5210 David
They claim they work for THINKCASH LOAN COMPANY!! They got your info from online payment sites. Be careful!!
803-675-5210 David
They are not for real unless you work for them!! Scare tactics!!
803-675-5210 your answer
It is a law firm and they are for real
803-675-5210 Gregory Policastro
They are repesenting a payday loan and I want to know the name of the company this number is from
803-675-5209 Judy
left no message on machine.
803-675-5206 TOWANA

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