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Browsed Number: 8015451800 | Location Code : 801 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Salt Lake City
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This "is a valid Ebay Phone number

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This is not Fraud.  I just talked with Tina.  All she wanted to do was to give me some tips on how to save some money by using Ebay's lables and how that would get my funds in PayPal released quicker.She did not ask me for anything and had all the information that she should have had on hand.NOT fraud.  At least my call wasn't. YMMV
eBay does make this kind of call and it's not a fraud.  I've sold for many years and usually receive a few calls a year from eBay staff regarding marketing and related selling tips or promotions.  They do not request any private information or passwords.
it is 100% legit.just got off the phone with them(ebay).they were doing a follow up from an item not recieved case.they had all the info and needed no info from me.it was only a courtesy call to make sure i had understood how to resolve this.once again asked for no info from me.
This most likely is an Ebay ,as they do calls like this to help all types of sellers.  They do have a call center in Utah.
Definitely not a scam, I am a power-seller I receive a ferw calls a year from them a year giving me infoon how to improve customer service. Just received a call today and listened to my voicemail absolutely from eBay.
It's not fraud.  That's the number for eBay in Riverton Utah.  I use to work there and am reapplying now, so I get calls from that number.

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