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Individual Comments for 8002919445

Try answering and asking them to stop yourself! all this frustration and it is quite simple to stop. I mean are you worried ab out something? If you tell them no and they keep calling you have a reason to get mad, but to sit back and ignor them then get mad is very stupid.maybe you should answer and take them up on their offer. Education can't hurt you....hahahaFunny you call the school stupid but you can't answer a phone! moron

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Hahaha this stupid school called me six times today I even saved the number under Do not answer!!!! Lol it's terrible but it's getn annoying! Someone needs to complain to the stupid schooland tell them we'd like to have our peace!
I received a call from 1-800-291-9445 today.  I always check the number out if I don't know who it is.  This turned out to be some sort of school, I am not connected to.  I called them back and just asked them to remove my phone number from their calling list.  They wanted my name but I told them that was not needed.  The guy was pleasant and removed my number.  I don't know if I'll get another call, I'll just have to wait and see.
geez these people called me 12 times yesterday & 4 already today.it's only 10 am. =(
Jonny B
If you answer your phone and ask them to stop they will. Very nice people and they are only calling because you have signed up somewhere that you are interested in going back to school. It was very easy. I answered they said sorry we will remove you now. And guess what.....no calls!
geez these people called me 12 times yesterday & 4 already today.it's only 10 am. =(
On some phones you have the option to block calls. (it is free to do this) Whenever they call your phone will not ring. I started to get the calls and know when they call my phone will not ring.
They have been calling me and my husband everyday for a month and its pissing me off, how do i get them to stop?

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