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United States
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Individual Comments for 7706215482

John Whittaker
These morons keep calling and wanting my brother. But there harassing me. You Know with my Security Specialist Training I wonder if I can locate there ISP and then Target there systems and shut them down. If There harassing me and Nobody can stop them maybe I should try. So The check care Group LLC 1-888-339-2439 If They have a business License its public information. All action by me will be legal! They also may use a 321 number so do not answer.

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im a high school student and this number calls my cell phone like twice a day and leaves messages, im not going to ever call them back as they request but its so annoying in spanish when my phone is ringing in my pocket or when im texting someone and i accidentally answer it as i was typing when they call!
They keep calling here for a Tammy. I don't even know a Tammy. This has been my number for over 7 years, yet they keep calling. I repeatedly tell them they have the wrong number, yet they keep calling. Every day. They start at 8AM.
they keep calling my home about checks written in my wifes name, but she has no account, we share and it is in my name. we tell them and they will not listen. there is no way my wife wrote any of these checks and they want us to confirm our account number, f*** that .
hi im having problems with ccs , how did you get rid of them, are they legit? i doubt it.
this number is from company called check care. they were calling me about an old check for $40 from over 10 years ago.
Received text Need Cash? PayDay Loan?  www.Cash823.com  I pay for text messages. This needs to end!!!!
We received a call yesterday.

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