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United States
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katie bee
they are a scam and im gonna report them i mean they were rude and hung up on me 3 times

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Got a call from 770-554-4242; the person spoke fast; mispronounced my wife's first name and our last name. He said there was a case pending against us; did not give specific information. Scam. Scam. Scam.
I was present when my girlfriend got the call about a check from a few years back. They are from Norcross, GA. Makes me glad that I moved away from GA.
Got a automated call from this number today, 770-554-4422, asking me to call them back.  They did not identify who they were, nor did they address anyone in my household by name.  I don't think so!
I got a call from this number today and I think it is a scam, so I want to report it, they said it had to be paid today no later it was a check from 2008, I never write checks, my husband did he passed away in Feb. 2011, so I told them I wasn't paying it and they said I would be fined $2000.00 or jail, they said it had to be paid with check or money gram. I told them to give me their address and I would mail it in, they said they couldn't do that.
Yes, report the to the Federal Trade Commission for breaking FDCPA laws and regulations. If I were you I would contact them again and record the entire conversation as they have the conversations recorded as well I am sure. I dont know for sure but most collection agencies record all conversations.

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