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I just receive a call from them stating that they are going to get me arrested and call my job let them know the charges against me. I so called them back at that number and let them know that I got the conversation recorded the immediately hung on me. Because I was a little worried and scared cause they said I can lose my job and the police will be at my house to arrest me in a hour

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I received a call from 760-483-3761, threatening me with jail and charges of fraud and stolen money. I demanded to know who he was, what company, what complaint, what date. He said he didn't know all the information. I kept at him with questions, very indignantly, and he hung up on me finally. I called back, no answer. Of course. I had never had this happen before, and it was startling, but I knew I did not have this outstanding loan/amount to be paid. It was a relief to find this site and have it confirmed it was a scam and to see the same number listed by others. Awful behavior by these people.
i gt a call frm the same guy stating im goin to jail i no all about ths pple and he hung up after a while wht a scam
I got 2 calls today from a guy with an Indian accent pretending to be working for a law firm in Los Angeles California. I played around with him but he surely got the last 4 of my ssn# but I did not confirm it. He got tired of me, so he hung up. I reported it to the FCC. It's the number 760-483-3761.
I just received three consecutive calls from this number on my cell..  Definitely a middle eastern accent, wouldn't give me a number to return his call.  Told him to have someone call who spoke English because I couldn't understand a word he said.  He was very beligerent and kept telling me that I was being sued, but he wouldn't/couldn't tell me who was sueing me.
It is a scam they just call you to get access to your number and solicit it out to others with the same scam efforts. It puts your name and number out there along with any other information that you may have entered on the web if any. They also do "cold calling" (telephone book listed numbers).  I know all of this because it happened to me. Everyone on this site is correct and if you do the things mentioned they don't call back or hang up immediately. Be forwarned though. To stop all of the calls you may have to change your phone number because they just gave your number to others like them
I had the same thing happen to me. What did you do. Did you close out your bank accounts? did they try taking money out of you accounts? I just want to know what I should do to protect myself. They wont answer my calls now either since i started yelling at them. Kevin Peterson said he wasnt go to explain to me what this was in regards to because i wouldnt shut my mouth.
These guys are jerks.  I had surgery today and they phoned my cell and said their were criminal charges pressing with the U.S. State Department, via U.S. Attorney Office.  When he gave me the number to call to get information from this Kevin Peterson, he asked if I had any idea what my criminal record looked like. I responded why can't you  transfer me to Kevin you're calling on the same number you gave me to dial.  At first I paniced because I'm still under sedation; however I'm blessed to have an attorney in the family who gave me valuable information.  Simple - if anyone ever calls threatening you like that - tell them to put it in writing and advise the court information pending so that you can give it to your attorney.  It's like pouring holy water on a vampire.  Something MUST be done to stop them.  It's rude, inscrutible and absolutely a SCAM.  There are certain words that collectors must use when calling a potential debtor; such as identifying themselves, the company they work for and their ID.  Most will only give an alias; however it helps because when you question them like a collector they HANG UP.  Got enough info to forward to the authorities. Another tidbit, find a good trustworthy Private Investigator; they can run your credit and tell you if there's anything pending there and a background check which would divulge any potential misfilings or errors.  They're a good source of information in maintaining your identity safely instead of these *&*)#@ trying to steal it. Sometimes online searches are not up to date.  Just FYI. There are two reports, one that this is a landline and another saying it's a cell but Imperial Valley is the same domain.  Let's say we all file complaints and go to the news.It's saddens me that this is what the world has turned into.
These people called my job threatened me with legal action. Just tried to called back and they hang up on me. I swear ppl are ignorant.
I just got the same call from a man name Kevin Peterson...I called him back and told him that my attorney wanted to speak with him and he hung up....
They called me today and threatend me with legal action and to have me arrested tomorrow morning at my job. They also asked me for money. I called the Attorney General's Fraud Dept as well as the Sheriff's Dept and filled out a thing with Homeland Security. They told me the exact time that they were going to have me arrested tomorrow morning. HA! They said I commited bank fraud and I called the bank and they said it was a huge SCAM. Kevin and John both called me. Just tell them you called the police as well and that you are recording their calls.

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