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Browsed Number: 7274749982 | Location Code : 727 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Found this number on my caller id.

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raymond burr
WON www.bestbuy.com
Raymond  Burr
I  won your $1000.00 gift card  Please mail it to  3679 Palos Verdes  St. Apt 60  Las Vegas Nv. 89119    thank you
This is a text telling me i won a Best Buy gift card.
Who owns the number?
About ready to toss the phone out!!!
Cellular Call @ 1:28 PM  2/15 1-702-217-1068 ... on my business phone!!!According to CIDLookup.com:Current Telephone Company:A T & T MobilityOriginal Telephone Company:New Cingular Wireless Pcs LlcOriginal Telephone Company Type:Wireless CarrierEstimated City:Las VegasEstimated Region:NevadaEstimated Postal Code:89101Equipment Location Code:LSVGNVXBXWXhttp://cidlookup.com/lookup/7022171068/If this really is "A T & T Mobility" calling. They are way off! My cell phone bill was paid 1st week this month!!! No need and no reason to call! If this is NOT then ... another f**king scam call from another lowlife scum! Did not pick up, got caller ID info off what it displayed!!!! To all those calls from numbers I DON'T know ... FORGET IT!!! Don't answer/pick up on any of those! Try sticking your phone up you a**, alright! Be more useful to all if you did! Otherwise rot in H*ll!!!!If anyone can track the actual address and phone # of these (and all the other trash) a**holes, please share it with us and anyone in their area can possibly help us exact our own form of citizen justice!!! This BS needs to end... and fast!!!
it is Pinnacle Financial or another debt collector trying to collect on an outdated debt for some company. They call from a multitude of clearwater fl numbers most of which are listed as residential or cell phones and not as buisness. My guess would be for you to look up the company and see which phone numbers are associated with them.

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