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Browsed Number: 7272166136 | Location Code : 727 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Calls 4-5 times a day to my donotcall.gov listed number.  I have filed around 10 complaints on them with donotcall.gov so far, I advise you to do the same with these telemarketers.They are completely ignoring the DO NOT CALL USA Government list of phone numbers so report them.  Hopefully Federal Law Enforcement nails them good.

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Thank you!!! I didn't know about this law and fully intend to put it to good use.
Thank you!!! I didn't know about this law and fully intend to put it to good use.
Yes, Sam is right! Tired of this call? Tired of your warranty expiring? Tired of being hung up on? Here's what you do. Copy down the number. Then, call your phone carrier. Next, give them the number asking them to block the number from being able to call your home or cellphone. That's all you have to do!! THEY HAVE TO BE ABLE TO LET YOU DO THIS!! All phone carriers by government laws have to let you be able to block a specific number if it's harrasing. If not, they could face penalties close to a million dollars!! So before you freak out. Before you get upset and start calling people yelling and screaming! USE YOUR FREAKING HEADS PEOPLE!!
This is only a temporary solution.  I reported the numbers with verizon, but the numbers are only blocked for a month.
Here's what you gotta do. It's very simple. BLOCK THEM THROUGH YOUR PHONE CARRIER!! JESUS how hard is that to do? All I've done is gotten these calls 3 times, they hung up each time, so I just put it on my blocked calls list. Costs me nothing, every phone provider does it. You just gotta ask. It's that simple people. And people don't have to stop calling you just because you're on the do not call list. In fact, they can choose to call you. All you have to do is report them. Simple as that. Go to Donotcall.gov and then report the number with the name it comes up as on the caller ID.
Johnny Jay
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