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United States
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Individual Comments for 7134569407

Found Donation Company
I called to setup a donation. I was very happy with the service. The driver gave me a tax recipt at the time of pick-up. I made sure it had the company EIN and it did it is a 501c3 orgnization.I found the company on google.com at the website below.http://www.HoustonHelpingHands.com

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Just be careful. Make sure you check to see if they are a 501 C 3 organization. I know for a fact they are not a ministery
Looking for Recycle/Donation company...
Hey, I found this number on the website below:http://www.houstonhelpinghands.com/ContactUs.htmlI looked it up to see if I could find any information regarding their charity work and saw this post.When I called, I did receive their company name on the voice mail.  I'll post back if they are indeed not who they say they are.  But so far, I am satisfied that they are a legit assistance ministry.

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