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713 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 713 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 713 Series

713-518-8408 Anonymous
2018-09-14 21:16:56
Person said it was my Grandson and he had been in an accident and needed money to get home. I am very close with all my grandkids and if one of them was out of town I would know
713-234-1752 Anonymous
2018-02-26 20:30:01
I answered and they said it was Sunny 99.1 radio station and I could give them my full name to be entered to win $1000. I said no thanks.
713-234-1752 Anonymous
2018-02-26 20:14:54
Keeps calling 4 times a day, and don’t even leave a message
713-221-1795 Anonymous
2017-12-15 01:51:46
Just called no answer
713-472-5381 Anonymous
2017-10-30 18:23:53
just received a call this morning and a gentleman left a message stating he worked for the social security office and stated the message was for me (used my full name) and that i needed to go to the social security office within 2 weeks!?!? Tried calling back because I figured it was a spam call and when called back multiple times line did not ring just hung itself up. I am calling SS office now to see if it truly was them since gentleman did not even leave a badge number!
713-489-7846 Rachel Jenkins
2015-05-05 06:27:44
I paid my money and did not get to speak to anyone you all hung up the phone. How can i get my money or minutes back.
713-489-7846 Tammy
2014-11-23 18:23:31
I think what we need to do is report this to your attorney general's office, my husband is getting the same calls from 713-489-8746 he called the jail the officer straight up said there is nothing they can do but he did give him the name of who called him, so if they know why not stop it??? so pls REPORT this and keep REPORTING this, I do not get how **ash like that thinks they can just take what they want, Guess that's why they are in jail to start with, they should never get to use a phone if they are doing this crap....
713-263-4978 carlos garcia
713-262-1910 anton
Who is this calling
713-262-0000 chase employee
the number 713-262-0000 is the chase main number from our houston call center, it can be for many reasons, from fraud to employment. please still be careful as we do have imposters. we will never ask information from you, all we ask is who are we speaking with (Name only)
713-262-0000 Susan S Davis
This number called my cell, which is on the do not call registry.
713-262-0000 Dustin
I received a call from 713-262-000.Person left a messageStated it was "Willie Way/Wade/Wei", probably used a name that could be spelled multiple ways. Said it was Chase Bank calling about a stop-payment I placed. I did place a stop-payment, but that was a week ago. Had called Chase 4 times prior to this call. Just today, when I received the call, I talked to a supervisor since the stop-payment didn't go through and apparently I was receiving the wrong information from 3 other Chase reps. She transferred me to the "Claims" department and I got my money back. About 2 or 3 hours later, I got this call from the number specified. This is Google's translation of the voicemail left...NOTE: Google's transcription service is not 100% so bare with it."Good morning. This Call's for Mr. Casper, Mr, Casper, Willy Wei, Chase bank give me a call with regard to the stop payment that you placed for All State Insurance. My contact number is (713) 262-0142, and I will be in the office from 11 AM to 8 PM central standard time. Thank you. "Why would they leave me a message not asking me to contact them back, or at least say its urgent? I am NOT calling this number.
713-262-0000 Dan
Just got a call from 877-691-8086, i called back said it was Chase Bank, they wanted my Card # or Account # then i wanted my pin #, i hung up, and as soon as i did i got a call from 713-262-0000, i didn't answer though, ???
713-262-0000 dani
713-262-0000ai .Did you get a call from
713-262-0000 scam
This person does check fraud beware of him Donald Merritt donaldmerritt2009@yahoo.com. He is from Texas!!!! He wants you to be his personal assistant and sends you a fraud check for you to cash it and sent it to and orphnage company
713-261-9974 Karla
no messages
713-261-8771 Dave
Received call from this number, comes back to a foxmoor store in Texas that I've never heard of or dealt with before. Must be a collection agency of some kind.
713-261-8212 Leslie
This outfit has called now from 5 or 6 different numbers...there is an option to select "2" to be removed which I have now done twice and they STILL keep calling...I have 2 lines in my house and they are calling both so I am getting 2 oe 3 calls daily on each. How do I get them to STOP?!?!I did talk to them once and they wanted to setup "review" as well. They will not come out unless both parties are home so I told them to get lost...and yet they still keep calling.I am at my wits end.
713-261-8212 Mike
this is another energy saving contractor, name not mentioned until  you press 1.  Same thing as 713-459-6117.
713-261-8212 Elizabeth
We have gotten several calls from this number on different days, at different times of the day. No message is left.  We have now blocked it.
713-261-8212 CJ
We keep getting multiple calls every day from this number.  I just called it back and got a recording to leave a message, then it said this voice mail is full.  Whoever they are, I wish they would stop.
713-261-8212 Mo
I keep getting calls from them and I don't know who it is that's calling.
713-261-8212 CLBN
I would like for these calls to stop
713-261-8212 Steve
Apparently they switch numbers often, and they want to set up an appointment so they can scam the elderly into buying $10K solar water heaters.  Here is a good long post about it:  http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/7272543588One person received so many calls that they finally set an appointment, and since they live in a gated community, plans to let them get to the gate but not let them in, and then tell them now that I have your undivided attention, remove me from your call list!  I like that strategy.Another good tactic if you have the time, might be for all of us to begin a campaign where we tie up their lines and operators' time by mumbling fake incomprehensible foreign language.... ahkapoolay, dunwa basu go-luchi?  .... haha, could be fun.  Yeah, let's all call them at say every day at a quarter past the hour, every odd-numbered hour (11:15, 1:15, 3:15, etc.).  Just keep making up words and have lots of fun... it will drive them nuts (and hopefully out of business)!
713-261-8212 TN
This number appears to be associated with 713-231-3472. The recordings from both of these numbers are identical.At the time of writing, the message is regarding the $3000 tax credit for making your home more energy efficient. They offer to have someone come to your house to show you how to do so. If you request to be removed from the calling list, the request is ignored.They are not 'selling' anything, so No-Call lists do not apply to them.
713-261-8212 ddeen
713-261-8212 what what
Anyone know what this # is?
713-261-5728 Ashton
left no message
713-261-1899 dean
Who does this number belong to?
713-261-1449 thabombc
I got a call and spoke with a Cassandra Perry with Elite Investigators clamining that I owe a debt from an EZ Corp...she used my madien name when calling and had an old address from 5 yrs ago....she said that I will have a felony warrant out for my arrest as of today. I let her know that I also received the EXACT same call from an ACS company from Ms. Green yesterday and that they claim the EXACT same thing...the two companies are not related. I also let her know that I received another call yesterday from another company claiming that I owe this debt to them as well along with numerous calls from India with the same info. I let her know that I cannot be arrested for debt and that it is a civil matter not criminal and that threatening me with arrest is illegal. Cassandra tried to hang up on me saying that I must know everything and that I was going to jail. I asked her for original proof of debt and she stated that there is no longer any debt only a warrant for my arrest. I asked that she email me information on original proof of debt and she said I would have it in 45 minutes...we will see. I am not sure who EZ Corp is and why I received 4 different calls yesterday from 4 different companies claiming I owe this debt.....

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