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United States
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Called my mobile phone.

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Job opprotunity scammer in the Chicago area trying to get you to wire money to them via Western Union for a plane ticket to an interview in a random city in Michigan or Mass to be a F&B server on a private corporate jet. Greg Dotson is his name/alias. He states that there is a Lisa Gilbert that will meet you in whatever airport they are asking you to go to. They try to say that the interview trip is $288, and you pay half to get there, then once you are there, they re-imburse you and pay for your return.This is a stupid scam, but I am sure there are people who may fall for it. Don't do it. If any company is serious about an interview, they will arrange for all of your transport and accommidations.
lame duck
The person using this number is a scammer.

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