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United States
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I have recently responded to several ads posted on USA job site Careerbuilder that when contacted, the gentleman represents himself as a representative of Novomatic of Switzerland who is recruiting for various management, security and flight attendant positions for a new USA regional corporate office.This gentleman states that his name is Ray Cassey and after several telephone ”interviews” states that I had been selected to interview in San Diego California USA but I must send funds IMMEDIATELY by Western Union to him directly to pay for 50% of airfare, of which will be immediately reimbursed upon arrival in San Diego upon meeting Gail Henley at the "gate" - (note: NO gate greetings are allowed since 9/11)When I stated that I could not immediately go to Western Union, he stated that I was no longer to be considered for the very high paying management position.The phone numbers that he is using under the name of Novomatic of Switzerland are 001-708-263-1232, 001-708-263-1230, 001-708-263-1239.I have already contacted the security division of Careerbuilder through which he posted these advertisements for employment opportunities. The company he is representing is legitmate and I have contacted them also regarding this information.

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Calls all the time.
I returned the call to see who this was....all I reached was a no name mailbox with verizon that said the mailbox was full.
Don't know anyone at this number
Someone from this number called at 8:30 am (EST). They let it ring 4 times and then hung up. I thought they would leave a message but they didn't. The caller ID said "Frat Ord Police". I've noticed they have called 4 times in the past 3 weeks.
FRAT ORD POLICE or FOP call my house every 11 days. They call from a diferent phone number each time. They will not leave a message. When I have tried calling all of these numbers, they are all disconnected or I get a message to "Check the phone number and try again". 786-358-5670 or 786-358-5643 or 786-358-5695. They have called around the same time. Between 9:16a.m.-9:31a.m..

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