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United States
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I returned the call to see who this was....all I reached was a no name mailbox with verizon that said the mailbox was full.

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Don't know anyone at this number
Someone from this number called at 8:30 am (EST). They let it ring 4 times and then hung up. I thought they would leave a message but they didn't. The caller ID said "Frat Ord Police". I've noticed they have called 4 times in the past 3 weeks.
FRAT ORD POLICE or FOP call my house every 11 days. They call from a diferent phone number each time. They will not leave a message. When I have tried calling all of these numbers, they are all disconnected or I get a message to "Check the phone number and try again". 786-358-5670 or 786-358-5643 or 786-358-5695. They have called around the same time. Between 9:16a.m.-9:31a.m..
these people keep calling for the lady of the house when i say that she is not here and can i take a message they say no thanks i'll call later and hang up......???  who are these people?  they need to stop calling  and i think that the police should get involved in this and investigate this..
These guys call frequently from multiple numbers, this being the latest one i've seen. I never answer them because the one time I did they were over bearing and didn't not understand a simple "no" means just that, No! Everything i've seen about this says its a Scam.
Solution: This telemarketing company that has been hired by the Fraternal Order of Police is relentless and has been calling me everyday for about one year. Usually I just don't answer the phone, but now I feel harrassed by them. The numbers to call to stop these calls in Florida comes from a telemarketing service in Miami: 786-358-5695 (or similar numbers) are:1-800-873-3671 or RYAN HUNT at 801-284-7208.If the calls don't stop - file a complaint online with the Office of the Attorney General in Florida.  Don't even bother calling 786-358-5695 - they will keep you on hold for ten minutes and then you'll be disconnected.
mikey c.
it says FRAT ORD POLICE "786-358-5695" on caller ID, another crappy lazy azz punk lookin to scam!.
Richard Michaels
someone called, (sounded like a child) and said that someone died.  This was a message on a cell phone.

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