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United States
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Individual Comments for 7082590635

Richard Michaels
someone called, (sounded like a child) and said that someone died.  This was a message on a cell phone.

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This number 786-358-5693 showed on the caller ID to be  "Tax Relief News".  When I answered, there was a couple of second of silence, I said hello two or three times, then they hung up.  I called the number back and it had an odd ring tone, ( 2 short distorted rings), repeating ...  I let it ring for a couple of minutes, and no answer.  I hung up a called the number back in a few minutes, and got a busy signal.   Is this a phishing scam or what ???
I keep getting a call from this number, but I always miss it. They never leave a message. I tried looking it up on Google, but I couldn't find anything other than that it's a cell phone from the Orland Park, Illinois area.
Jim Nelson
I received an unwanted phone call from Feature Films for Family's
I have been receiving unwanted calls from this number as well as their 215 number for the past few days with no messages on my mobile. I have no children and have never ordered nor will I ever order anything from them. They need to be prosecuted for harassing people's private numbers.
Got two calls from them today -- the first one (to my mobile phone) from 215-383-9739, and the last one tonight from this number.  I picked this one up, and got to listen to a conversation between two people there, and although I could hear one of them loud and clear, they apparently could not hear me.  I've complained in the past, as they were harassing me with constant calls a few years ago,and finally stopped.  They seem to have started up again.  Reported to the donotcall.gov site again.
These people called me twice today.  Didn't answer because the number wasn't one of my contacts.  Also got a call from 215-383-9739.  Also not one of my contacts.  What's going on???
Feature Films for Families called and asked for the ex wife when she & my husband have been divorced since 1998!!  He asked for her & said 'well, they are supporters of ours..'  They're just dialing for dollars like everyone else.  This most recent call came from: 215-383-9739 but same company.The guy was very nice and he said he would update the records and was sorry for the call. A legit company looking for money.
Great movies. My kids are grown but we have a lot of the VHS movies and may someday have grand kids to entertain with ancient technology.
Received calls from this number and from one other associated with this company today.  Check this out: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2011/05/featurefilms.shtm , then fill out an FTC complaint form.
Gorgeous Sexxee Mee
these calls are relentless! Get an average of 3-5 per day! Only time I was actually here, and answerered- the person asked for my very young daughter. Gave me the damn creeps! Person said, or did nothing wrong- was actually very nice. However, when I said she wasnt available, (she was right next to me) I was informed they would call back- and, he hung up.

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