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708 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 708 area code.

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Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 708 Series

708-258-3803 Kay
Called me on my cellphone. No message left.
708-257-9834 Brooke
Calling my house
708-257-9812 Michele
Got a call from this number.
708-257-9097 Sandi Spink
A woman called me today and asked me to call her when i get this call ...i called her........... a message said it was ..." Anita?" not real sure that is what she said..............i left her a message saying she called my home...and what did she want>>>>>>>?? may 9, 2011..............
708-257-7890 Roger
Did not answer, did not leave a message.
708-257-5536 Shane
No message
708-257-5500 lasaundra
I need to no who dis person keep calling me.
708-257-5412 Miguel
They call repeatedly and I do not answer.
708-257-1206 k mead
this phone number also appears on husband cell phone? lately but when i call back they never answer!
708-257-1206 hazel007
they just keep calling all day and night asking for sex? who is this
708-257-1017 Charles
Calls multiple times per day.
708-257-0177 MissMack
want to know the name of the caller
708-256-7036 heyyychica
young college jock
708-255-2637 jill
I keep getting calls from this Brookfield,illinois caller. They never leave messages and i never answer the call. Have no clue what they want from me.
708-255-2637 T-Bone
Unwanted call from unknown source
708-255-2637 chris
I called it back it says I won a prize that means just don't answer it they r selling something
708-255-2637 chatty
This number from Brookfield, IL calls my cell phone about a dozen times per month.  No messages are left and caller hangs up before I can answer. I have had the same number call my landline but much more rarely.
708-255-2637 elsa
Hung up before leaving message.708 is mainly a northwest suburbs in IL area code.
708-255-2637 Mickey
Please stop calling me. I'm not interested in what ever you're offering.
708-255-2637 Illinois
My fiancee has a (920) area code number and received two phone calls from this number, only to have them hang up both times.  I have a (708) area code number and I have just received a hang up phone call from this number.  I have Verizon Wireless and this can possibly be the connection.  Since my fiancee has a Green Bay area code?
708-255-2637 j
708-255-2637 MARKETEX
Ditto to Jo's comment, and did I hear that the canon of ethics forbids attorneys to make direct solicitations for new business, aka "Ambulance Chasing"?
708-255-2637 Jo
Got a partial recorded message about "if you were in an accident or hurt at work you may be entitled to money".........press 1 to talk to an agent or press 3 to be removed. (Kind of hard to do on a voicemail!) We haven't been injured lately! LOL
708-255-2631 Sara
Got a call on my cell at 3:22PM stating that if i place one of their signs in my front yard, I will receive a free in-home security system.  I have received the same msg before except from some California spammer.
708-255-2631 Paul
Every Thursday for a month, just blocked it for good
708-255-2631 Banker in Chicago
Has called my cell phone 3 times this week!  Unbelievable.
708-255-2631 Paula
Called my phone left no message.
708-255-2631 Jen
received this call a few min. after applying for a job through career builder . I did not answer and they left no message.
708-255-2631 jim
they just called and did not leave a message. i never give out my cell number to anyone when I am filling out any applications.how are they getting the number????
708-255-2631 Motto
Annoying calls / called many times calls and just sits there and says nothing/ or hangs up- when I returned the call, they just sit there and say nothing.....

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