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Just dealt with this guy over text, same story as all yours. I was selling some jewelry. He wanted to transfer money through paypal. Area code was California, wondered why someone from California was looking at Ottawa kijiji and asked him that. He said he was posted at a military camp. I told him i didn't deal with paypal and to use email money transfer. He then kept asking me to send him my banking info. I'm sure you can figure out my response to that; all he needed was my email address. He hasn't bothered texting me since....

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Me too!!! i live in montreal, i'm french canadien and the man speak very good french on texto, he pay the same price for exedition 120 dollars for my camera canon on kijiji.......and it,s the same story that you..becareful......707-701-3896 sorry for my english
Got a text offering 120$ for a tab I put up for 100. Paypal request and everything same as already mentioned. After research on google, I replied with an equivalent message to STFU, exept longer with a much more graphic language. No reply back from him ;)
Same thing happened to me, he offered me $210 for a $120 camera and said to paypal me the money.  If it's too good to be true, beware!
marie bernard
it just happened to me today! he tried to offer me more than what i was asking for the cellphone i was selling on kijiji) to pay for the shipping. when i said I didnt have a paypal and i'd rather do a bank transfer he stoped texting me. ( im french canadian and he also does his business in french ! )

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