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United States
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A few calls from this number while I was at work.  No message left.  Obvious caller id spoofing - US phone numbers cannot have the prefix number begin with a 0.

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Received the call June 18th.  The person asked my wife if I was home.  She said no and he hung up.  Also got a call from 310-008-9641 (caller ID also "California") on June 29th.  The male caller identified himself as calling on behalf of a fireman's association.  As soon as I said I would not be able to donate he hung up.
Got a call from this number. The guy says he's from some children's fund and thanked me for my donation last year. I made no such donation and told him so. He became very angry and abusive. I hung up on him and he tried to call back twice. These people are definitely scame artists. DO NOT even admit that you're the person they're asking for.
Call know one talks think they up to something aanyone knows
the guy said it was kevin asking for my hubby, he got mad because i was asking him questions then got mad and hang up the phone.  i told him any business of his is mine too. just says california number called number back its not a working number.
hung up on me when I answered the phone
some guy
Got a call from "Texas Instruments"on this number. TI is a semiconductor company I actually have signed up with.  Doing a little research, the number actually appears to belong to "Intelligent Data Services", a business to business company- aka marketing. TI hired them to flog some leads and drum up new business, presumably. They wanted to send me a TI newsletter. OF course who knows who it really was!Seems top be a legit: see http://www.idsadvantage.com/
Received a call from this number.  Man from Network World magazine, wanting to send out a White Paper from Akamai.
Received a call but did not answer. Caller ID shows company "Intelligent Data". I have never received this one before. Usually its the slimey car insurance people... neigh, criminal scum bag car people.

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