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United States
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Carson City
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Ditto here. Been receiving multiple calls from this number each day. VERY annoying!

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They don't stop calling.  They hang up as soon as I answer.  They call every 2 hours. I tried to call back once to find out who the heck was serial calling me all day and it didn't even ring.   STOP CALLING ME!
Pushed to the edge
5 days ago I started getting calls from this number. All times day and night. I have gotten the female "Goodbye" response when I answer. I have had a male to mention "timeshare" and told them I was not interested. My number is on the DNC list as well. I have been very sick the past 2 days. They called 2-3 times yesterday and 3 times (so far) today. No wonder so many people are going crazy and just going on a killing spree.
Harassed by these jerks at 5:15am and 9am this morning and have been calling our home for weeks.  We are on a DO NOT CALL LIST, which doesn't seem to matter.  Cannot reach a real person to put an end to this nonsense.  There must be a way to STOP these people!
Rick Sommers
They call at 5:30 am and 10:30 pm
Do not need this harassment at 5 AM in the morningX4Y9
do not want to receive calls from this #
I have been receiving calls from this number for the last 4 days.  At 7:00 AM   afternoons and evening.  No answer and female voice says goodbye. (Same as others have reported)  Not able to call the number back it is just continous hold and then disconnect.  I have small children so 7:00 AM calls are not apppreciated.
They just called me at 5:30am today and hung up (they've been calling about every day and doing this, but not this early).  I called the number and spoke with "Tanya" who said they were some kind of timeshare referral/rental company and received my number from my timeshare to see if I wanted to rent out my timeshare.  I told her she woke me up at 5:30 and she said they have no control over the system.  I told her I wanted my number removed and she said she'd be happy to remove it (from this same system she has no control over?).  I gave her my number and hung up.
Also annoyed
I too had been receiving these types of calls. On another thread for another number but same cicumstances, I learned I can block the call - which my phone let's me do.  I am still getting the calls but I only know that because my phone is listing them as a missed call. Call blocking is working!
I get calls waking me early in the morning and all day at school from this number! I answered yesterday and a lady said, 'helllllooo?!' and I said 'hi.' and they hung up. When I try calling back it keeps me on hold. Urrgghh!

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