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Browsed Number: 7012171003 | Location Code : 701 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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North Dakota
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Individual Comments for 7012171003

David McKinney
Received call.  Ignored.

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Just received a call from these folks here in Maryland.  Didn't take the call.
Got a call from7401-217-1003 on 11-11-10 @ 10:08am.  The caller ID showed only "Kenmare."  Atfirst I thought it showed "Kenmore" and I thought it might have to do with a Sears service contractrenewal; but I reread it just in time.  I let the answer machine take the call.  This company left a message which started long before my answering machine beeped to leave the message.  It is acompany in Kenmare, ND that wants to lower your interest rate on your credit card (they don't specify Visa or MC, Discover, etc.) all the way down to 6.99%.  But hurry!  The offer will expire soonand they would just hate it if you missed out on their great deal.  It's got to be a scam.  I wouldn'tanswer that for a 0% rate!  I've blocked the number and notified the FTC as I am on the Do Not CallList.  My credit card company would never cheat themselves out of their high percentage!
Pressed and pressed for my credit card numbers and last four of my SSN.  Very smooth and convincing but it's fraud.  701-217-1003 is not a valid number.  I called the number that they provided, which was 800-229-0370, and was sent to a rep who said they are based in Orlando.  I asked what their website is and she said they didn't have one because they are a new company.  Cha-ching!Be aware -- once you are in their system, they have already pulled credit reports and done a lot of research in order to assume your identity.  If they call you, immediately sign up for a credit monitoring service even if you don't give them any information.
Come on get real. A phone call knocked your vonage off line?  Then you need someone to look at your system.
Same ditto mark on the caller ID name.  No message left.  However, it knocked my Vonage system off the air.  Anyone with a phone setup that is able to do that ought to be behind bars.  That's MORE than invasion of privacy.

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