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Individual Comments for 6703308198

Thoroughly Scammed
I too received this text message.. thing is, I knew an Amanda, and I had been sleeping with her boyfriend. I was actually able to get through when I called, though. It was a recording of two people having sex. Ironically enough, the various noises made by male sounded exactly like the boyfriend of the Amanda I know. Being as stupid as I am, I called back several times, hoping to actually speak to Amanda. Even now, if I call it is the same recording. I am hoping to work out something with my service provider to waive the extra $90 tacked on to my already astronomical phone bill. I'm so glad I found this page. Hopefully it will help in my efforts.

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I got the exact message on 3.18.12 @ 1:43 pm saying, "ama.ce7323@gmail.com/ we really need to talk. This is Amanda. You can contact me at 011.6703308198."It is bizarre that this person is sending text from a wide range of international and US numbers.  The part I thought was strange, I lost my cell phone in Nicaragua and just got back with this text waiting.  Did anyone else recently lose their cell?
ami.so97834@gmail.com we really need to talkThis is AmandaYou can contact me at 670-330-8198 I ignored it.
From: lan.ve8722@gmail.com"We really need to talkThis is AmandaYou can contact me at 011.6703308198"I texted back "Wrong number?" before realizing it was spamSame problem seems to be coming from this page:http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-670-330-8187Hopefully I won't get charged for something stupid, but we'll see
We really need to talk'AmandaThis SMS was received today March 10, 1012 and after some time of thinking about it I checked on the internet and found this site. Glad that I am not scammed.
i dont know her and i dont want to she needs to watch who she texts or calls cause she had texted the wrong husbands phone...if u talk to her tell her not to be texting any ones phone
I just got this text at 2:38 EST 3-11-12 ....> thing is i know Amanda she needs help,..  has problems i now worry about her and wonder if somthing could have hapened to her...  I texted back a couple of times...an tried to call but it says like restricted access or somthing and won't let me... Somebody PLEASE help her........Let her know that i tried to reply..... She  needs help....    with kind regards Sincerely.. Gina C.
Area code 670 is the Mariana Islands and calling it may cost you a huge phone bill (an international call, perhaps to a premium-rate number like our 900 numbers that can charge any $amount/min). Amanda may be in real need of help but with access to a phone, Amanda can call the police if she's really in any trouble this cannot be a real cry for help. Beware scammers are everywhere. Here is a scam getting victims to call a 900 number http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-900-548-6666
My sister just got a call from someone at this number saying that her name was Amanda and that it was important that she spoke with her.  Tried to call the number back on several different phones and I wasnt able to get through. Im not sure who this is but, this isnt funny at all!!!
I got the same message 3/11/12 at 2:10pmade.la797398@gmail.com"We really need to talkThis is AmandaYou can contact me at011.6703308198"I have not called this number, and I am glad I came across this site. It does sound like spam, and I will not be calling it.
received txt msg on phone early this morning. however, i did not check into until i researched the number, which led me here.

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