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Browsed Number: 6518298132 | Location Code : 651 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Saint Paul
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Individual Comments for 6518298132

We have been receiving calls from this number at all hours of the day - however, whenever we pick up, no one talks, we don't know if anyone is on the other end, then the line goes dead.

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Diversified Consultants
This number called me about a delinquent student loan and said they needed at least $3,000 by the end of the week or else they were going to sue me. I asked for a toll free # to call them on and the number they gave me was a collection center that didn't have an account in my name. When I call the number that shows up on my caller ID they don't say who I am calling they just repeat the # I have called them from.  I think it is a scam to get my bank account #
Left nothing on the answering machine.
Your knocking at the wrong house
They pose as a debt collectors.  Even a respected ( LOL ) debt collector need to follow the FCC guideline.It's an automated dialer which does not have any feature of removing your number from it's system.They have demonstrated time and time again that they do not follow the FCC guideline.  Since they assume that you are somehow related to that person of who they are looking for.Even if you never know the person of whom they are looking for.  They will continually to call and continue to try to get your money from you instead. One of their company motto is.  "Knock on the neighbor door and try to collect the same money each day.  If you get the wrong house.  Come back tomorrow and knock on the same house again and assume it is the correct house your looking for."    There are anti-stalking rules in this country.  Diversified Consultants violated that rule too.
Mound resident
I answered and the person hung up. This number is going to be blocked.
k anderson
THIS NUMBER 651-829-8106 calls everyday. I keep telling them I do not know the person they are calling for and stop calling. The people calling keep saying they can not stop calling as it is a auto dialer.The women was very rude to me this time. Just because my last name is ANDERSON does not mean I know every Anderson in the world. This is so out of control. I work late nights and have to answer phone calls so when this happens it is very madding.
Can't Hide from Karma
Diversified Consultants
651829810665182981456518298132Minnesota Numbers.
12-17-09 at 12pm
Got a call yesterday.

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