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This number called twice and asked for me. I called the number back and it was not in service. All these callers have a Mid Eastern accent. What gives??

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John F. Ryan
I have received several calls from this number cliaiming to be my internet service provider, which they are not.  I have received similar calls from 559-386-9702, and 432-363-0068 claimoing the same thing.This is not true.  I have fallen for this trick to get access to my computer about to months ago and it cost me $300.00 to buy their security software called temp file cleaner and  Auslogics Disk Defragmenter.Is there any thing that can be done to stop this con and is there any way to insure that my computer has not been infrected or personal information taken from my system.Thanks,JohnI
I just got a call from this phone # as well.  I knew it was a scam and when he asked for my daughter, I asked what it was regarding.  He then told me he received a report that there were errors on her computer and he needed to fix them!!  I reported this number - hopefully it will be enough to stop them!!
HAHA just got a call from these guys and i knew exactly what they were up to, I am desktop engineer and I kept them on the line for about 20 mins screwing with them, finally they got frustrated with me and hung up on me.
I got 5 calls between 11 pm and 4 am all night. I work and the phone would hang up as soon as i answered. I live in Canada. I called back and it says this number has been disconnected. B***s***, it called me a second ago. Leave us in peace and go work to make money like I do at 5 am to feed my family. LEAVE US ALONE, SCAMMERS.
I have gotten calls from this number numerous times. I dont usally answer numbers I dont know, if its important they will leave a message. So I answered once last month and I had read these comment and simply told him we dont have a computer. He called again last night and my husband answered. He tried the same thing, my husband asked him what computer he said "your microsoft computer." when my husband asked again he went silent and my husband told him off and hung up.This has got to stop. We never press send when the computer says "do you want to send mirosoft a message about error" Its getting annoying and for people who dont know this is going to cost them.

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