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United States
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Call several times a day. Caller ID says Cellular Call. No one ever speaks. They simply hold the line. Theydo not hang up when i hang up. I tried to call back the same number and the recording said I could not place a call to this number. I do not wish to change anything with my student loans. How do I get them to stop? They begin calling promptly at 9 every morning. My husband works nights and this is getting very old. Today there were people in the background speaking a foreign language.

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They called and left a message first it was nothing and then a female starting sings ( i miss you since you were gone and to bad you will never know who this is)
EDU depbt solutions is a legit company, but these people are not them and have most likely scammed you. Run, don't walk to your bank and see if it is drained. Also check your credit report. I hope they haven't scammed you, but it sure looks like it. I am reporting them to the phoenix police and FCC daily. I have been told they are a scam that uses legit company names.
Steven Myers
This is actually quite odd. I get calls from EDU Debt Solutions all the time. I finally gave it a shot and listened to them.  The only reason you are recieving calls is because that is the primary number you put down on your FASFA form. They are calling because the rates increase in July. People simply trying to help you guys out and consolidate our loans. They are a legit company by all means of the word, I have checked them out. They lowered my payment by 60 percent. Because of that I could care less how many calls I get now. They helped me out so much.
Sara Jacobus
Receive at least 3 calls from this number each day.  Many times at 8:30-9:00 at night.  Have told them NOT to call so late that I have a child and to take me off their list.  But it does not happen.  The first time I answered the call the man on the other end would not let me talk and kept interrupting me, so I hung up on him.
Bill H.
Numerous calls a day from this number dispite being asked to be removed.

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