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614 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared numerous area codes based upon city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and also easy to keep. Below is the list of all call numbers series which functions under 614 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Reported Numbers with User Remarks Under 614 Series

614-408-5574 Anonymous
2018-07-24 22:24:43
ID From: Dublin, OH Type: Robocall Message: They are the IRS and threatens arrest if you do not call them back immediately.
614-495-1417 Anonymous
2017-09-22 01:19:34
Asking all sorts of info
614-261-0104 Ben
I didn't answer, left no message.
614-260-9766 Tim
Any idea who could call from this phone number.
614-260-8925 Heather
Got a call from this number. The caller left no message.
614-260-8838 Freddy
Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no voice message.
614-260-8444 Jon
Did not leave a message.
614-260-8316 Tony
Called my cell phone.
614-260-3101 Brad
unwanted calls.
614-260-0812 not_me
Continuous call back. Speaks non-English. Sounds middle Eastern to me.
614-259-9924 Web User
Creep callers and criminals don't follow the 'do not call' law.
614-259-9924 Roger Spiegel
Please don't call us again. We are on the 1-800 do not call list.
614-259-9924 raecarol
I get calls from this number a lot so I blocked after doing some research here's what I found:Don reported 614-259-9924 as a Prank CallerOct 27th 2011 - 12:44:48pm PDTcreep caller says bunch of agravating stuff then gos silent wants someone to loose their coolso he can listen.OTHER INFO ON THIS NUMBER CAN BE FOUND AT THIS LINK:  http://callwiki.com/phones/view/614-259-9924614-259-9924 / 6142599924 / (614) 259-9924 - Report a CallThe phone number 614-259-9924 is assigned to GLOBAL CROSSING LOCAL SERVICES, INC.-OH and the actual exchange location is in WESTERVL, OH. The description we have for the 614 area code is: SE Ohio: Columbus (see overlay 380). The owner of 614-259-9924 can be obtained through a detailed report. As well, the address and number type is also available in a detailed report. Additional Number Variations: 614/259/9924 - 614.259.9924 - 614 259 9924. Since 614-259-9924 belongs to the 614 area code, we also know that the local time in WESTERVL, OH is 10:38am. Other phone numbers in the 614 area code that also have comments are 614-147-2435, 614-189-3721, 614-209-6629, 614-212-7504, 614-212-7505, 614-212-7506, 614-212-7509, 614-212-7551, 614-212-7552 and 614-212-7553. Technically, the telephone exchange switch is identified as CLMXOHHX3MD.
614-259-9924 John S
I also got a call from this number.  I said hello and they hung up.  When I tried to call them, the phone rings off the hook.  This should be illegal.
614-259-9924 cynthia wray
does someone know who this is? I want them deleted from the opportunity to call me again!
614-259-9924 Susie
We receive daily 2 calls fm this number.  What's this about?
614-259-9924 Scoutdad
Also got a call from this number.  I hate unsolicited calls
614-259-9924 hansen
Got calls from this number at different times of the day.  No reply and when tried to call back no one answers.  Is this a scam or what?
614-259-9924 OneinMtta.
we did too just a few minutes ago, answered but no one there, tried calling back, NO ANSWER.
614-259-8960 Dave
Riley Electrical Service Inc 1871 North High Street Columbus OH 43210Riley Electrical Service Inc offers you Home and Commercial Insulation, Refridgeration and Restaurant Repair in Columbus, OH.Home Insulation Commercial Insulation Refridgeration Restaurant Repair Insulation Contractor
614-259-8950 rise
614-259-8950 is this Columbus United Gold  in Columbus, OH ?
614-259-7485 Jander
ok... let me tell you guys whats going on here... because i was on the inside i know what was happening... they recruit people for $15 per hour which here in ohio is a big deal because no body is working... THEN they give you a script to memorize and train you to just hang up on people who are being rude.  The callers really dont know who theyre calling or how many calls you have received because they simply call a phone number from a cell phone put in a pin and the ringing starts.  you finish the call, enter information that came from the call then hit * and it dials the next number for you.  There are no "lists".  They only call if you are an "undecided" voter in the eyes of the state. Just a little insight.  Try not being too mean to them.  Theyre only doing it because they need the money and YES we know you dont want the calls... but now theyre down to asking the simple question of "do you feel obama's policies have helped or hurt the economy" they may follow up with "would you like any information from americans for prosperity"  Thats it. Trust me.. we know it is very stressful for you but imagine getting bitched out every 2 minutes by irritated people. be nice.. a simple yes or no will do.
614-259-7485 Fight Back
Americans for Prosperity aka billionaire Koch brothers.  They hire lobbyists in each state for $100,000 a year to spread propoganda and lies.  Watch Koch Brothers exposed.  They are not a "grass roots" organization.  Call their national office at 703-224-3200 and ask to be put on the Do Not Call List and to stop harassing us!
614-259-7485 Please Help  :-(
I receive these robo recordings at my unlisted phone # at least 1-2X a day, 7 days a week.  When I try to call it back, a recording says it is out-of-service & says it's a Cincinnati Bell Wireless Message Code #CG2-22.  I called Cinci. Bell & they said I need to file an Incident Report with the police who will then open up a case with the Annoyance Call Bureau.  Yesterday, I called the alternate # (614-568-3309) that "S" listed here on Aug. 10th & got an answering machine saying "Thanks for calling Americans For Prosperity..."  I left a message saying to remove my # from their call list & just now got another call today (despite it being the Sat. of a holiday weekend).  Again, I called the # and a guy answered "Hello?" & I said I'd like them to remove me from their call list & he screamed & cursed that he had no idea what I was talking about & hung up on me!  I have many health problems & cannot go through all the steps Cinci. Bell say needs done.  I have searched for websites, other phone #'s for them, etc.. to no avail.  I am getting extremely stressed out by this & the constant ringing phone is really hurting my chronic, daily headache!  Does anyone have any other recommendations besides what's listed here?  Thanks.
614-259-7485 Jenny
I don't know how they received my phone number, but I don't want any calls from them!!
614-259-7485 jeanetta
i would like for Americans for Prosperity  to stop calling my number... they call me 8 times in a row  ,, enough is a enough... my next step is to legal action ..
614-259-7485 FightBack
Americans for Prosperity - aka Koch Brothers.  Find out who your state director is and harass them at home every time you get a robocall.  They are paid over $100,000 a year to spread propaganda and lies.Also - watch the Greenwald Film - Koch Brothers Exposed.
614-259-7485 Sickof TeaParty
Find out the director is for Americans for Prosperity in your state and call them at home.  Maybe then they will stop harassing us.
614-259-7485 T. C.
This number is calling with a recorded message almost daily.  I left a message with the organization and asked that they not call my number again.  Instead, a half an hour later they called AGAIN!
614-259-7485 benzman3
Now getting multiple calls each day from these jerks!  Have switched the ringer off on my telephone so I'm not that bothered by them.  Makes me want to vote for Obama!  NAH

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