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Individual Comments for 6136272400

Yes I concur with the majority of these postings. This number is called to my homedaily and several times a day! There should be an Ombudsman &/or your MP to assist residents who are at the receiving end of ongoing harassment. Now that I know it's a political party harassing Cdn residents at their homes-in their private space.... that's exactly who I am reporting this unwanted caller to. Hopefully I do get results. when

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Get at least two calls every day .... I don't answer and they hang up.  This is very annoying.
B, Tait
Please do not call me - note it was after 9:00pm
Please refrain from calling my number.  If I want to contribute I know where my local office is. 306-634-4851
Bull S**t
Call from them at work. They asked for someone else who does not work for us and when I told them no one here by that name, he started rambling on about the Conservative Party. Then asked for 200.00 donation. I said no. He pushed further and asked for 100.00. Again I said no I am not interested in giving them any kind of support. Then it was just harassment and he kept asking if there was anything I could give them as 'it's my duty as a canadian to support a political party that has Canadian interests in mind'. I call BS.
Thanks for the above info!  If I have any spare $'s they will go to organizations that are trying to protect environmental conditions being affected by the Conservative undoing of protection laws!

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