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Kris Gunderson
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Received a message on my voicemail at work from "John Moreland" wanting me to call him back between 9 am and 3 pm at 608-240-1670. I do not know him and he did not leave a message letting me know what he wanted. I do not return cold calls at work from people I do not know.
A "Joe Martin" called and asked me to call him back at that number.
Robert Scoviak
Caller ID showed private, a guy claiming to be Cory Wilson left a message on my voice-mail saying to call him back at 240-1670 - didn't bother leaving an area code. I Just took a shot in the dark based on accent, and the fact I know other people with phone mumbers starting with 608-240-XXXX. When I called it back a guy saying "This is Daniel" answered the phone. When I talked to Cory he sounded confused and asked it I was the one that he talked to about cheritable donation the day before. HE CALLED MY CELL-PHONE! Which means he was making it up as he wen't. I am the only one that answeres my Cell-Phone as it is my Business Phone line. Best Flooring: (608) 728-2378
Calls 2-3x a week.  John Mooreland / Moreland.  A month ago I received a voicemail from a woman and I called back.  She was not in, but the same voice of John answered the phone. I asked what it was about and he said he did not know.  When she called back, she said she was from the Jaycees.  I told her to fax me the info and I will give it to my boss.  Fax was about donating to the Jaycees.  Now John leaves a message for BOTH me and my boss.  This is bordering harassment.  Number is 608-240-1670.
message left a couple of weeks ago by Bob Newhouse; called back then and was told they were fundraising for the Jaycees.  I asked them to remove me and he said he would, but called back several more times over the next two weeks.  A month and a half later they called again and said i should call back John Moreland.  Called them back again (didn't catch that it was the same bunch until they answered) and asked them AGAIN to remove me from their list.  Does anybody know - are these jerks really calling on behalf od the Jaycees or just some telemarketer trying to get a credit card number?  I used to have more repect for the Jaycees...apparently they've begun endorsing crooked, predatory tactics just to get a shot at a couple of bucks.  I will never donate to them again after going through this
Dave Thurber claimes to be working with the Jaycees and calling only businesses. Was unable to take me off his call list until I told him what my business is. I terminated the call. He is at 608-240-1670
I have been getting daily calls from 'John Moreland' from this phone number and a couple others. Does anybody know who this is?

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