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Browsed Number: 5632420438 | Location Code : 563 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Des Moines
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so i may sound naive here, but did anyone actually go to the seminar?  i also got a call from 800-471-1408 with the same info that seriously? wrote about (except in columbus ohio they are calling themselves global network).  i can't imagine how they could get any money out of me (because i don't have any), so i am thinking about going just to see what happens.  any info from anyone who actually went would be nice.

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thanks for the headsup - they just started calling yesterday, 4-3-08. didn't leave a message - but i've put them on the block call with my P2P system.
I just received a phone call from these people from the same center you have stated.  They were trying to reach me by saying my name but I told them it was a wrong number and the lady on the other end said "whatever" before hanging up.  What a b!tch?  I definately know it is a SCAM after the reaction she gave me.  If it was a legitemate company the would kindly saying sorry or something like that.  To whoever reads this and receives a phone call from them, be warned that they are very rude people.

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